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10 Types Of Tables That Can Completely Change The Look Of Your Home!

It can be irritating to browse for home décor in and of itself (you might fall in love with something in the store, but it looks quite different in your home), and having a difficult time comprehending the purpose and goal of so many table options might be the final straw. As a result, let us begin with the most important considerations: But, first and foremost, it isn’t very intelligent to suppose that you are required to use a particular table simply because others are doing it.

Furthermore, it is wrong to believe that tables are used for decorative purposes only. In other words, just because your mother-in-house laws are crowded with decorative tables, and other items that you keep stumbling over does not necessarily imply that she is correct in her assessment that your couch needs an additional end table.

The best interior design not only looks good but also improves the quality of your time at home by making you feel more at home. Table names, like console and side tables, are routinely thrown around without regard to their function or aesthetic, making it simple to get confused about what a table is being used for. Our IKEA “accent table” serves as a constant reminder of the need for a new piece of furniture in each new place we live. Look for some exclusive range of tables and other household furniture at www.made.com

Cheer up; you can do it! We’ve cleared out any clutter around your dining room table! For those of you unfamiliar with the rules of table design, we’ve laid them out for you today in a detailed guide, so you can seamlessly balance the appearance and function of tables.


We’ve previously touched on the wide variety of tables available, but it bears repeating that the label of the table has no bearing on whether or not it will serve your needs. However, you will need to go shopping, and learning the terminology of tables will be of great assistance. Let us take a closer look at each step:

  1. Console Table

This sort of table is frequently used in conjunction with end tables (also known as sofa tables) since it is long enough to be placed behind a couch or into an entryway without blocking the way. If you’re low on the room or want a place to put your keys, a console table near the front door is a terrific addition.

  1. Accent Table 

Accent tables include end tables, coffee tables, and console tables, all of which fall under the umbrella phrase. Don’t be afraid to experiment and take risks! There are many different types of accent tables that may be found in other places. Some examples include a trunk, an old chair (sometimes even antiques), and a shelf. The vast majority of them are small end tables or side tables.

  1. C-Table 

With its distinctive C-shape and capacity to circle a bed, chair, or couch without shifting position in any way, the table earns the label “revolving table.” It can be used for various things like a beverage, a magazine, a laptop, and a computer.

  1. Nesting Tables 

Bunching or nesting tables are commonly known are two or more tables that fit together; however, the term “bunching table” also refers to a coffee table or an accent table. It’s an excellent choice for a room with not much space for too many tables and equipment.

  1. Drum Table 

An enormous round table with a heavy base was invented in the early 1700s, and it was known as the drum table. This can be a “coffee table” as a large round table, such as a stone coffee table, typically used in a living room or den. It can be as short as a few feet in height or as tall as a few feet higher if the top is made of tooled leather or comprises bookshelves.

  1. Foyer Table 

Another occasional table is the foyer table, which is a table used in the entryway. It’s a lovely advantage to have a table like this in the doorway, but it isn’t common in every property. However, circular or square tables amid a large foyer might be a good addition to a more intimate space.

  1. Night Stand 

Almost every bedroom has at least one or two tables, and generally two in the shape of a nightstand or bedside table. Items like glasses, a book, electronics, and, of course, the dreadful alarm can be conveniently stored on these essential pieces of bedroom furniture, which are easily accessible from the bed.

  1. Foosball Table 

Foosball is based on football played on the top of a table commonly found in arcades and kids’ rooms. Tables for playing foosball come in various forms, some with a luxurious finish and others more traditional. According to your tastes, the balls might be made of wood, plastic, metal, marble.

  1. Conference Table

The size and grandeur of a conference table are comparable to a dining table, just as they are with a dinner table. In addition to having ports and outlets for connecting computers and mobile devices, conference tables are often equipped with various other features.

  1. Patio Table 

Outdoor tables for the patio are built to withstand the elements on a porch, deck, or another outdoor area (though it may also be kept indoors if you happen to live in an extreme climate). In contrast to the drab white plastic of yesteryear, today’s patio furniture is often stylish enough to bring within.


Tables can be seen in almost every home. When you include dining tables, end tables, accent tables, nightstands, and work tables, some homes contain upwards of ten of these furniture pieces. Tables come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and features; however, what you need and want for your home’s interior may differ depending on your personal preferences. 

Are you still in search of some good and in-budget tables for your home? If yes, then www.made.com is the right choice for you. We are sure that you will be able to see exactly what you want. 

Having a variety of tables or at the very least a proper selection when making a decision is therefore essential. Our goal is to make it easier for you to find a table that you enjoy and use every day.



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