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A Gifting Guide For A Die-Hard Camping Fan!

You have a special someone in your life who is a tremendous lover of camping, and you’re looking for an immense camping-related present for them. Don’t worry if you’re unsure what to gift them or if you have questions! We’re here to address your camping gift inquiries, like what a camper would genuinely appreciate and use while camping. 

Should presents be more helpful or more enjoyable? Or perhaps you’d like to learn about some beautiful camping gift ideas. They are, after all, one-of-a-kind, practical presents that will make at least one part of camping more accessible and more fun. We’ve compiled a list of the top camping presents that the camper in your life will appreciate and utilize. Buy Now on Decathlon

  1. Custom Drink Growler

Being out in the outdoors might cause dehydration. That is why any camper will wonder how they ever got along without this double-walled gunmetal beer growler! This is one of the most incredible camping presents because they’ll love having enough beer for the day inside this gorgeous growler, whether it’s beer, coffee, water, or any other beverage. 

Furthermore, it will keep hot beverages hot for up to 12 hours and cold drinks refrigerated for up to 24 hours.

  1. Leatherman Signal

The Signal is designed entirely for outdoor enthusiasts. It is ideal for Scouts, as it includes an emergency whistle, a fire starter, and a hammer (for those tent posts, of course!). It, like the Wave, consists of an all-locking feature so you can focus on the task at hand, as well as a retractable pocket clip and one-hand operability.

  1. Classic Two-Burner Stove

This tiny camping stove allows you to consume gourmet meals even when you’re in the middle of nowhere. It’s the National Park Foundation’s official stove, and it’s a timeless classic. I swear by this burner — it’s my favorite tool for preparing Scout Chef Kitchen recipes and an outdoor cooking mainstay.

  1. Goal Zero Flip 30 Power Bank 

Say hello to the ideal stocking filler! This little gentleman is tiny and will charge your phone up to three times. Because it is so adaptable, I think it would make an excellent present. 

Yes, it’s excellent to have while camping for the weekend, but it’s also the best friend to have on travel days… whether you’re flying, taking the train, or sitting in the backseat of the vehicle on the way to Grandma’s house… you name it, it’ll be there, keeping you connected.

  1. Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

This may not appear to be a huge problem, but having a headlamp for camping expeditions is LIFE CHANGING! It’s something that people would not buy for themselves since they “already have a flashlight,” thus it’s the ideal present! Then, as they put up their tent, cook, or try to retrieve whatever they dropped in low light settings, they will remember YOU and your care.

  1. Survive ware First Aid Kit

Hopefully, nothing will go wrong on your camping trip (although let’s face it if you have kids with you, something will go wrong), but it’s a good idea to have this Survive ware first aid kit just in case. This pack weighs around a pound and contains everything you’d need in the event of a camping disaster.

  1. Marshmallow Sticks

Anything that can be roasted is a must-have on any camping trip. Jolly Green Products’ stainless steel roasting forks are ideal for marshmallows, hot dogs, and sausages. These are robust and will last you through all of your camping trips.

  1. Xtreme Cooler

An extended stay in the wilderness necessitates the consumption of long-lasting food. If you don’t want to eat freeze-dried meals the whole trip, this Coleman Xtreme camper will retain ice for up to five days, so bring all the burgers and chicken nuggets you can handle.

  1. Camping Stove

If your camper is terrible at lighting fires, this best-selling Coleman gas camping stove will come in useful. There’s no need to carry matches or wait for the coals to heat up. This stove offers plenty of space to cook all of your favorite foods, as well as side panels to protect them from the weather.

  1. Hammock

Nothing beats lounging on a hammock for relaxation. Every father who enjoys camping should own one of these. This hammock is the ideal camping gift because it is lightweight cotton and is simple to put up.

  1. Black Diamond Trekking Poles 

Hikers should use lightweight trekking poles. These are incredibly light and allow for all-weather trekking — the tips may be changed from carbide Tech Tips to rubber Tech Tips (not provided) for all-terrain exploration. There will be no more blisters, splinters, or searching for the perfect height stick. They are the most thoughtful present if you know an ardent hiker to cut a long tale short.

  1. Titan Stormproof Matches 

These make excellent gift stuffers. Everyone should always keep a first-aid kit on hand in case of an emergency. They are tough and built to withstand any storm. These matches have a long burn time, are windproof, and are waterproof. Each game is more than four inches long, has a burn length of up to 25 seconds, and can even relight after submerged in water.

  1. Rechargeable Lantern 300

You can never have too many lanterns and lights around the campground, just like you can never have too many hammocks. It always shocks me how quickly and dark it gets away from city lights (even though it shouldn’t… because I grew up in a fairly rural location with no streetlamps…) 

The fact that it contains a battery robust enough to offer your tablet or mobile phone a power boost when needed distinguishes this lantern from the pack. BONUS: it can be recharged!

  1. Hydration Pack

Regardless of the weather, staying hydrated is essential when camping out in the wilderness. If your camper does not already have a Camelbak, it is time to get them one. This one contains a lot of water and eliminates the need to bring water bottles and frequently refill them.

  1. Reclining Camping Chair

If your camper likes to recline, give them this RedCamp reclining chair. It contains a footrest and a side drink holder that they will appreciate after a hard day of erecting a tent and building a campfire (as well as ensuring everyone else’s needs are satisfied).

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