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All About Allegro Smart Options And Allegro Pay

About Allegro

Throughout the previous twenty years, Allegro has been serving Polish purchasers and advancing the possibility of business ventures in one of the most imaginative spaces of the economy. Allegro is the most loved shopping objective for Poles and a spot to carry on with work for north of 117 thousand organizations, the vast majority of them Polish little and medium undertakings. They make advancements that sway the regular routines of millions of Poles, permitting them to look for items they need while setting aside cash and time.

They offer the best shopping experience to clients and extraordinary business freedoms to traders. Allegro centers around their requirements, which rouse Allegro to make imaginative arrangements in which business and innovation meet up.

Enact Allegro Smart! to begin

From now into the foreseeable future, you have one year to utilize 5 free conveyances.

Purchase offers checked

With each buy, Allegro will tell you the number of conveyances you have.

Choose what to do straight away

In the wake of utilizing 5 Smart conveyances! it will lapse and you can choose if you need to keep utilizing it. You have as of now utilized Allegro Smart! to begin? Save again on delivery. Continue to buy.

What do you get with Allegro Smart!

Free and moment delivery

Allegro convey a great many items to you around the same time, tomorrow, or significantly throughout the end of the week

To distribute an assortment focuses when buying for min. PLN 40 from one vendor.

Delivery by courier

When purchasing for min. PLN 80 PLN 40 from one vendor. Subtleties in the advancement guidelines.

Free return

  • Shipments gathered in a bundled storage
  • must be returned by a package storage
  • Shipments gathered at assortment focuses
  • can be returned at the workplaces of Poczta Polska
  • You can return courier things at the
  • workplaces of Poczta Polska or Parcel Lockers

Discover more here.

You pay for your buys how you like

Payment ahead of time

This payment choice is dependably free

Payment split into 3 payments with

This choice is dependably free for Smart clients!

Discover more.

Money down

This choice is evaluated at 3.99 per shipment

Share Smart! with friends and family at Allegro Family

Smart! Bargains are uncommonly chosen offers from the successes, accessible just to Allegro Smart! Proprietors.

Among Smart! Deal you will track down uniquely chosen items at an awesome cost and with free delivery.

The number of special items might be restricted, so check the offers accessible on the Smart site consistently! Event.

In Smart! At events, you can track down offers from all classes from family synthetics, goods, home devices, watches, satchels, toys to top electronic items, for example, smartphones and consoles. To purchase a thing in Smart! At events, you should be signed in and have a functioning Allegro Smart assistance!

Joint Smart!

Free conveyances and returns for the entire family. Allegro Smart! is help for which you get:

A limitless number of free conveyances to the organization of thousands of Parcel Lockers and assortment focuses, enlisted letters, just as utilizing courier all through Poland. 

Free Allegro Smart returns!

Actually, look at the subtleties. Smart! openings that permit you to purchase items at discounted costs or gain admittance to them sooner than others – really take a look at the current Smart! events. Need administration applications under the Buyer Protection Program will be considered within 2 workdays.

How to purchase Allegro Smart?

You can purchase in a couple of basic advances:

1. You have choices with month-to-month or year payments. On Allegro Smart! Click the [Select] button under the variation you need to purchase.

2. Allegro will divert you to the payment page. Pick how you need to pay for the assistance: by bank move, card, or BLIK.

3. Acknowledge the substance of the Regulations, and afterward click the [buy and pay] button.

4. Complete the payment as per the chosen payment technique.

Prepared! Allegro will affirm the finished payment by email. This will imply that Allegro Smart! is now dynamic for you and you can utilize it.

Instructions to pay via card and save it to your record

If you decide to pay via card, you will save it in your record. Because of this, you will rapidly pay for ensuing buys and Allegro Smart! Only a single tick!

1. In the wake of choosing one of the Allegro Smart! you will go to the payment page. Click on the [payment card] button.

2. Enter the number and expiry date of the card and the CVV2/CVC2 code (the last three or four digits of the code you will find on the rear of the payment card).

3. Click the [Use and Save Card] button. For ensuing payments, you will don’t need to enter any card subtleties.

4. Click [buy and pay].

Allegro Smart symbol! will be stamped:

Offers of the successes, who, among others:

have a decent standing and an enormous number of suggestions (for example Super Seller).

1. You have set up a merchandise exchange for their offers in the return conditions tab and have remembered them for the offers.

2. Offers where the Sellers give the delivery strategies recorded in the table.

3. The above conditions should be met for the proposals to be set apart with the Allegro Smart! 

4. To utilize Allegro Smart! the all-out worth of your buys from a given Seller should be basically PLN 40 (barring delivery costs). 

Allegro Smart symbol! Allegro additionally mark offers where the cost of the products is lower than PLN 40. In the present circumstance, to exploit free delivery, select extra things from a similar Seller – with the goal that their absolute worth surpasses the base edge of PLN 40.

Allegro Pay

How it’s functioning?

Select Allegro Pay as the payment strategy and select the repayment choice relying upon your requirements and the worth of your buys.

  • You pay once within 30 days
  • for buys with a worth between PLN 40 – PLN 4200
  • Partition into 3 sections inside 90 days for buys with a worth between PLN 300 – PLN 4200
  • You partition into more parts inside 5, 10, or 20 months

For buys with a worth between PLN 300 – PLN 4200

For an agent, the model sees qualification and terms of subsidizing rely upon your financial soundness appraisal. The above material is useful.

What will I gain from Allegro Pay?

First, you check the item, then, at that point, you pay

With Allegro Pay, you can request and really look at the item at home – without obstructing your own funds.

You will separate the bigger costs into parts

An unexpected cost? Do you want something more costly? With Allegro Pay, you can isolate the payment into 3, 5, 10, or 20 sections.

Initiation is free and once

You will quickly discover what funds you can have at your disposal, and you can utilize them at whatever point you need. No chance will pass your nose.

How to actuate Allegro Pay?


Sign in to allegro

Allegro Pay is a payment technique made by Allegro. You should simply have an Allegro record to initiate the help.


Complete a basic application

Set up your ID card to check on the off chance that the information matches the information on your Allegro record.


Verify your information

For complete security, Allegro might ask you for extra verification. You trust Allegro, and they trust you. Secure information confirmation is given by Kontomatik UAB


Use at whatever point you need

You will quickly know the funds that you can use with Allegro Pay.

How to oversee repayments?

  • You perceive the amount you can spend
  • You have everything taken care of. Buys paid for by Allegro Pay and the repayment timetable can be found in one spot – the Allegro Pay tab.
  • Allegro will recall about paying off for you
  • You will get a notice from Allegro about each forthcoming repayment. Allegro will send you an SMS or email.

Your funds will return to you

At the point when you shop with Allegro Pay, your accessible funds will diminish. Later repayment, how much funds will increment once more



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