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All you need to know workshop & machines at Toom DE

You’ll need not only a smart idea but also the right tools and machines if you do it yourself. Professional tools round out a do-it-hobby your more self’s workshop. Whether you want to set up a workshop or simply replace components of your workshop equipment, your local toom hardware store has a wide choice of products to assist craftsmen like you in completing their projects.

Take on tasks and complete them on your own

With high-quality workshop equipment, this isn’t an issue. Because a hobby workshop with quality workshop equipment is the foundation for completing DIY projects successfully. Whether it’s screws, nails, or a new welding machine, the toom hardware shop not only has the necessary tools and machines for the job but also skilled guidance.

Tools and machines for the hobby workshop are included in the workshop equipment

Your workshop expands to meet your needs. The levels are likely to be found in any home where something is occasionally placed on the wall. Employees at your local toom DIY store will be able to tell you which cordless screwdriver or drill will best fit your needs. If your workshop expands, they have the proper jigsaws, circular saws, and other tools for wood, metal, and concrete processing.

Naturally, a vice, torque wrench, and spanner should all be present. The experts at the toom DIY store would be pleased to assist you even if your needs change. Large machines, such as a welding machine, will improve the quality of your hobby workshop. Manual labor can be performed swiftly with such a vast assortment of tools.

Setting up the workshop: from a cordless screwdriver to a workbench, there’s room for everything

But how should the workshop be set up? It makes sense to set up a room in the basement or a corner in the garage for tools and equipment if you have more than a toolbox. In the hobby workshop, the workbench is the hub of activity. When putting it together, make certain that it is stable.

The same is true for large machines like circular saws and routers. Make certain that there are enough sockets as well. If this isn’t the case, a socket strip or a plug strip with independent switches can help. 

You always have a good overview here

Cordless screwdrivers, drills, jigsaws, angle grinders, and other tools can be safely stored on a customized workshop shelf. So you can rapidly access your tools and machinery, and you always know where everything is. Because having a good hobby workshop is half the battle.

The threefold guarantee of Toom

Whether it’s a long-planned building project or a little repair, Toom offers the ideal circumstances for your specific do-it-yourself project with the toom 3-fold guarantee, allowing you to focus entirely on your job. Guarantees are better than trust. Almost everything is exchanged. Quality assurance, exchange assurance, and low price assurance:

  • On house brand products, as well as electrical and motor devices, there is a 5-year warranty.
  • Within 3 months of purchase, exchange without “ifs and buts.”
  • Guaranteed low prices for up to 14 days after purchase

Guarantees are better than trust

Although you may rely on their services, they would like to provide you with additional assurance through Toom’s guarantees. When it comes to enjoying high-quality products at unbeatable rates for as long as possible, quality, exchange, and low price promises constitute an unbeatable team.

Almost everything is exchanged

It’s common knowledge that an article that seemed important at the time is no longer relevant to the implementation of your project. It’s not a problem; they are aware of the situation. As a result, you can return the items in their original packing within three months of purchase by presenting the receipt, due to their exchange guarantee. Siblings, by the way, are not permitted to participate in the swap.

Obtain a quality assurance

All Toom’s own-brand items, as well as all-electric and fuel-powered devices, come with a 5-year warranty from the date of purchase. This duration applies to many own-brand items that have a longer guarantee period specified on the outer packaging, with the guarantee conditions being the same otherwise.

If a fault occurs during the warranty term, toom will either repair the defect, give an equivalent or comparable replacement product in exchange, or refund the purchase price upon return of the goods and presentation of the receipt, at its discretion.

What else?

Accumulators, batteries, plants, lamps, and wearing parts, as well as faults and signs of wear and tear caused by normal wear and tear, improper operation or cleaning, or intentional or careless damage, are not covered by the toom quality guarantee.

Time for some notes

Claims under this guarantee can be made at any of the toom Baumarkt GmbH locations, or by contacting customer care at, via phone at 0221 – 46706710, or by e-mail at The ability of the guarantor to check the guarantee case is a need for using the guarantee.

It is crucial to ensure that harm to the items during shipment is avoided by employing secure packing. A receipt or a copy of the invoice must be submitted with the shipment when requesting the guarantee so that toom can examine whether the guarantee period has been met.

They can decline if:

Without a copy of the invoice, Toom has the right to decline the guarantee. In the event of a valid warranty claim, you will not be responsible for any shipping fees, since Toom will cover all outbound shipping costs. The rights offered by this guarantee are in addition to the statutory defect rights, which can be asserted for free based on the purchase contract established with toom and are not limited by the toom guarantees.

Obtain a guarantee of exchange

Items purchased from toom can be returned without giving a reason within three months after purchase if they are unused and remain in their original packaging, as long as the receipt is presented. The toom exchange guarantee does not apply to custom-made products, services, cut goods, plants, live animals, or voucher cards.



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