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Attractions In And Around Washington, DC That’ll Make Your Trip Exciting!

Washington DC! You’ll find a variety of fresh cuisine, arts, and nightlife options in addition to the classic D.C. attractions like the Smithsonian museums, the United States Capitol, and the monuments. While you can spend your morning visiting the many farmers markets and modern exhibits available in the city, you can also spend your afternoon gazing at the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument before seeing a performance at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. 

Take time to walk along the Tidal Basin if you’re planning a visit between the end of March and the beginning of April. You’ll see hundreds of pink cherry blossoms, as well as beautiful circumstances for exploring the city’s neighborhoods, so make the most of your time there. Book Now on Viator

If you have ever been intrigued by historical tales of conflict, power, and glory, then this is one city in the United States that you should visit during your visit. Take a look at this! Here are some of the top spots in the city that will not only provide you with an insight into the culture of the city, but will also assist you in fully absorbing it.

Best Places to Visit In Washington DC

The capital city of the United States, Washington DC, provides tourists with a diverse range of aesthetic and cultural experiences. Washington DC boasts a range of tourist attractions due to its proximity to the Potomac River and the presence of some of the most recognizable neoclassical structures. While there are several locations to visit in Washington DC, here is a list of the top places to visit in Washington DC that will provide you with a proper understanding of this ancient city and its culture.

Lincoln Memorial 

The Abraham Lincoln Memorial, one of the most popular tourist sites in Washington, DC, is dedicated to the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. It is not the most beautiful architecture; instead, it is the reflection of the building in the pool that makes it appear even more majestic. If you want to start your journey off on a historical note, this memorial is the best location to go to!

National Gallery of Art

Visit this art gallery, one of the most exciting things to see in Washington DC, to indulge your inner art enthusiast. The gallery displays various styles of art created by multiple artists, spanning a wide range of periods from the Middle Ages to the Present Day.

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum 

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, which draws millions of visitors each year, is home to a collection of historic aircraft, including Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed Vega 5B, Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis, and Wilbur and Orville Wright’s 1903 Wright Flyer, among others. A flying simulator, an IMAX theatre, and the Einstein Planetarium are attractions. Parents, beware: the three-level gift shop is enormous, so prepare yourself for a barrage of solicitations from your children.

Visitors are advised to arrive in the early morning to avoid the busiest times of the day, which are guaranteed to be busy, especially once summers come. Some have complained that parts of the museum are beginning to show signs of wear, but others maintain that it is a must-see destination for families and aviation enthusiasts.

Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute 

Among the more than 2,700 creatures that call the Smithsonian’s 163-acre National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute, their home are Asian elephants, giant apes, and sea lions, among other species. Avoid missing out on the opportunity to meet the most famous resident, a newborn panda named Bei Bei, born on August 22, 2015, and has become a zoo favorite. 

Also, please keep your eyes peeled for orangutans when you walk beneath the Orangutan Transport System (also known as the O Line): chances are you’ll see them dangling from cables between eight steel towers as you go beneath the system. Alternatively, if you’re more interested in the exotic species endemic to South America, go over to the 15,000-square-foot Amazonia exhibit, which is home to critters such as titi monkeys and yellow-rumped caciques, among others.

Recent visitors have complimented the zoo’s pleasant surroundings and diverse collection of species, but they have cautioned that visitors maintain reasonable expectations. Even though some have suggested the zoo could be more thrilling, keep in mind that the roughly 400 species on display are all free to see.

9:30 Club

The 9:30 Club in Washington, DC, was voted one of the top ten live music venues by Rolling Stone magazine in 2018. While the legendary Club first gained fame when it opened its doors in 1980, it has since played host to various artists, including Nirvana, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Public Enemy. The 9:30 Club has grown over the years, but it remains a small enough space to feel personal and welcoming. 

In addition, the 9:30 Club’s proximity to northwest Washington’s bustling U Street district means that guests will have no shortage of alternatives for pre-show food or post-show drinks during their visit. If you prefer to eat in the Club, the 9:30 Club has a reasonably extensive menu of bar food, which includes the Club’s somewhat ubiquitous cupcakes, if you like to do so.

Previous visitors have commented that the 9:30 Club provides an intimate setting, making it relatively easy to get up and personal with your favorite artist. Some recent concertgoers complained that the 9:30 Club’s intimate atmosphere made it feel a little claustrophobic during previous performances. Although the quality of your experience will be determined by the concert you see, be sure to check the 9:30 Club’s website before your visit.


We are confident that, now that you are aware of all of the mind-boggling attractions that this city has to offer, you will not require the services of a Washington DC travel guide at all. Find whatever you’re looking for, and more in Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas make your selections, and the rest will take care of itself.

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