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Chunky Shoes In The UK: How & Where To Find Them?

For decades, clumsy boots have been a fashion staple. You may wear it with just about anything if you have a large selection of shoes. At the dawn of the new millennium, the only groups they seemed to associate with were punk and Goth. 

It’s possible to pair them with just about everything, including jeans, loungewear, and even dresses and skirts. To learn how to wear these boots in a manner that will have you looking like you stepped out of a magazine, read on. Shop Now on Schuh.co.uk

With slim jeans, what are the best ways to wear chunky boots?

Skinny jeans are more popular than ever, even though millennials and members of Generation Z disagree on whether they’re stylish.

You’ll be able to attract emphasis to your legs in a balanced look if you pair them with thin jeans and platform boots. Wear an oversized sweater and a leather jacket to up the glam factor. It’s pretty OK to show off your hips with a cropped jacket. This is a sure recipe for success.

For An Ultra-Modern Look, Team Them With Wide-Legged Pants

Not everyone likes the look of baggy jeans. On the other hand, wearing them is ideal for a thin build. Bella Hadid’s leather leggings and baggy denim look great with these boots. Regardless of what you wear, these boots will look great. Also, go all-in on the huge trend. Pair your jeans with a colossal jacket to look like you’ve just walked off one of the world’s most prestigious catwalks.

Show off your boots with cropped pants or cuffed jeans

Walking and showing off goes hand in hand with these boots. Because of this, cropped pants or cuffed jeans are great. Flared-legged cut pants look fantastic with a huge boot, but they look much better with a cropped one. Cuffed jeans are an option if you don’t want to dress up that much. Your favourite long-sleeved jeans may now be worn with the hems turned up. This is how you may get Irina Shayk’s ultra-modern look.

Put On Your Boots and Tuck Your Jeans In

The tradition of tucking your pants into your boots has become outdated and outmoded in today’s society. Flared trousers and clunky boots are a great way to freshen up your style. This combination has been utilized on the runways by some of the most well-known fashion designers in the world. Keep things classy by pairing them with an oversize sweater or coat. It’s a no-brainer to finish the look with a cropped leather jacket.

How Should Chunky Boots Be Worn With A Dress?

Boots come in various lengths, which you should keep in mind. Knee-high or lower boots are acceptable choices for the winter months. Depending on the style, a dress may be short, midi, or full-length. With the current popularity of the trend, there are many different ways to style dresses with boots. Many people have a preference for pairing particular items with each other.

Boots of any length may be used with this outfit. Dresses shorter in size tend to look well with a broad range of footwear. Ankle-high boots look great with short skirts since they bring attention to the lower half of your body. Mid-calf or below-knee boots can keep your legs toasty in chilly weather. Ankle or mid-calf boots look great with midi skirts. Because the midi dress hides part of your ankle, you can’t wear an ankle boot with this ensemble. They look well with midi skirts and long dresses since they are clunky and oversized. Since a lengthy dress like this requires a lot of walking, high-heeled boots are the ideal footwear choice.

Dress up your work clothes by pairing your boots with a skirt

In the same way, dresses are rated, skirts are also evaluated. Short skirts and boots look great together at any length. Boots with a mid-calf or ankle cut-off look well with midi skirts, although long dresses look best paired with the latter of the two. You look your most OK with a skirt and boots with a colossal blazer or jacket. The “Best Dressed” award for your present business casual attire may be at stake.

Chunky boots have an extensive heel and a thick sole. They may come in various styles, from heeled to flat and lace. White, vividly coloured, and two-toned boots are available in this style. Construction workers and military personnel, for example, are known to wear heavy-duty boots with thick soles. In the late 20th century, chubby became increasingly common in male and female adolescent subcultures.

However, by 2022, these clunky shoes will be familiar and seem to be expanding in size. Comfortable footwear, however, has a reasonably long shelf life (at least for several decades). Everything points to this being the case. Since the vaccination, bright, voluminous clothing has been abundant, from summery dresses to cosy sweaters to vests. People are eager to express themselves via their apparel and footwear after spending so much time locked up inside in sweats and leggings.

Clumsy boots may be combined with grunge-inspired baggy trousers in 2022, as well as more elegant dresses and skirts. Ensembles may take on almost any form.

Exactly where to look for them

Some individuals prefer to shop for shoes at home rather than at a mall. Online shoe purchasing might be a challenge if you don’t know your shoe size or how a shoe will feel on your feet. Choosing the correct size and the best store are two of the most important steps you can take to ensure your shoes are exactly what you expected. Find a retailer that sells chunky boots for a price you can afford.


This season, clunky boots are at the top of the list of must-have footwear for the fashion set, and it’s easy to see why. With the arrival of winter, thick-soled boots are here to stay. These shoes are not only durable, but they also look excellent and are a joy to wear. This is a wardrobe staple, in our opinion.

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