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Cruise hacks: Guests share why you should ‘always’ book a balcony – ‘wonderful’ perks | Cruise | Travel


Cruise ships offer a number of different rooms at various price points. Those with a private balcony tend to be a bit more expensive than an interior cabin, but previous guests have explained why you should “always” select this option.

Posting to a Reddit forum dedicated to “life hacks to get the most out of a cruise“, one seasoned sailor recommended shelling out for the private outdoor space.

The allure isn’t solely down to incredible vistas, but also some added perks and even “entertainment” guests might get to witness from their balcony.

Posting under the username TheChevril, the guest explained: “We always get a balcony because we enjoy having a ‘private’ view.

“It’s wonderful to sit there and relax with a book, laptop or tablet.

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“If you find yourself docked in port facing the pier, then make sure you are on your balcony to watch for the ‘Pier Runners’.

“Cheap entertainment and for some reason more fun watching them scurry back to the ship from the privacy of your own room.

“We always cheer them on, telling them to run faster.”

The balcony also offers a place to enjoy a relaxing space before mealtimes.

After spending a day on shore at a port station, the balcony also provides a final taste of whatever destination you are visiting.

TheChevril added: “We always like to hang out on our balcony when leaving port.

“Again, a nice private view for watching things pass (if you like that kind of thing).

“I am always intrigued by the activity in a port, and possibly watching dolphins or other wildlife escort the ship.

“Same thing goes for watching the tenders when you are in ports that have them.

“It’s neat watching them line up and then maintain position for loading and unloading.”


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