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Different Types Of Fireplaces – A Complete Design Guide!

A kitchen is a heart and the center of any household. And so is the fireplace. Fireplaces are the central attraction of any place as they add value to your home while also enhancing its look. Getting a proper setup for your kitchen is an essential decorative task to be done with the interiors of your house.

There’s something so warm and cozy about sitting next to the fireplace during cold days and chatting with your friends and family members. Creating s’mores is one great activity to do near the fireplace. Remember that there are a lot of fireplace varieties that you can include in your outdoor space or your home. Shop Now on Idealo

Understanding which type of fireplace to incorporate into your home is a big deal. Read further to know more about them. 

What is a Fireplace? 

A fireplace is generally made of stones, bricks, and metal to contain the fire. It creates a very soothing and relaxing ambiance in the room to provide you with warmth and coziness. This fireplace enhances the energy efficiency of your space while also keeping your electric bills down during the cold seasons. Fireplaces also act as a significant decorative element for your home. 

A Guide to Different Types of Fireplaces!

Below are some of the best kinds of fireplaces you can consider incorporating into your house. 

  1. Electric Fireplace

Whenever you plan to renovate your house, make sure to replace the traditional fireplace with an electric one, as it has several benefits to offer. An electric fireplace is nothing but an electric heater that is a fireplace with wood or coal-burning in it. A plug powers these fireplaces, so you don’t have to worry about the fumes. 

It is straightforward to clean because it does not produce heat, and the maintenance is low. Utilizing an electric fireplace is super convenient. These heaters are elegant, stylish, and safe for your home as well. 

  1. Gas Log Fireplace

A gas log fireplace provides the warmth of a natural wood-burning fire with literally zero mess. The gas logs are usually made up of ceramics but can be molded and look like any wood, from driftwood to oak or more. Gas log fireplace is an excellent alternative due to the following reasons:

  • These fireplaces require less effort than wood-burning fireplaces, as you don’t have to work around heavy bundles of wood. 
  • No dust or soot is produced, so it is straightforward for you to clean up the mess if any. 
  • In this fireplace, you don’t need to chop wood. 
  1. Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are very similar to wooden fireplaces. This fireplace produces a minimal amount of smoke that needs venting. The fire is produced by gas. A gas fireplace is more manageable than a wood fireplace, as you can control the amount of gas and heat according to your requirements. If you need some more heat, you can make the adjustments accordingly. 

  1. Wood Fireplace

A wood fireplace is a cult classic of all times. The warmth, the atmosphere, the smell and the sound are everything that individuals love about wood fireplaces. It is extremely tough to recreate the beauty and ambiance of a wood fireplace. There’s no denying that newer and better alternatives have become popular, but wood fireplaces are still one of a kind that you can opt for in your home. 

One best part about this fireplace is that you don’t have to depend on electricity to use it. The cost is okay as you are just required to pay for the wooden logs. You can also purchase chopped fireplace woods in bulk and keep them in your stash to use whenever you need them. 

  1. Fireplace Surrounds

It is nothing but the outer portion of the wall that surrounds the fireplace’s opening. This is created from durable stones and bricks such as granite, marble, limestone, etc. Today, fireplace surrounds can be created with several materials—your choice and preference. You can also choose a design that makes your room look more aesthetic. From traditional to urban, fireplace surrounds are becoming way more popular in every household.

  1. Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplaces are available in various styles, right from electric to wooden and more. Although similar, outdoor fireplaces are much different from indoor ones for several reasons such as: 

  • Outdoor fireplaces are significantly less expensive as compared to indoor ones. 
  • These fireplaces are more enormous and have a large firebox which the indoor fireplaces usually lack. 
  • Because they are located outside, these fireplaces may need a chimney cap to stop the spread of sparks on a breezy day. 
  • This fireplace should be durable to withstand rough weather changes whenever exposed to it. 
  1. Chimney Tops

Relying on the variety of fireplaces that you have installed in your home, there is a wide range of chimney tops that you can get for your house. Relying on the variety of fireplaces that you have installed in your home, there is a wide range of chimney tops that you can get for your house. Whenever we talk about chimney tops, there are two fireplaces – prefabricated fireplaces and masonry fireplaces. Masonry fireplace ancient fireplaces usually made of stones, blocks, and bricks. On the other hand, the factory-built or prefabricated fireplaces are the “newcomers” to the fireplace field, mainly created from metal. 

  1. Fireplace Mantels

A fireplace mantel is also called a chimneypiece, as it creates a hood that catches and traps the smoke of the fire. It also acts as a decorative element for the central point of your home. With so many unique and innovative fireplaces that the market provides today, mantels are becoming better and more evolved. They are changing into various styles and designs, rather than just giving functionality. 

Final Takeaway!

Fireplaces are an essential and decorative element for your home. Also, it’s always okay to be selective while picking one for your space. Let us know how you liked this article. Drop your thoughts in the comments section below. Our team of experts will get back to you as soon as possible in case of any queries.

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