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Europe holidays: 10 most affordable city breaks this summer | Travel News | Travel


Accommodation is also kinder on the bank balance at only £78 for two days.

However, the higher cost of flights and alcohol, at £392 and £26 respectively, places Serbia’s largest city fifth on this list with an average overall cost of £521.

Prague, Czech Republic

The sixth most affordable city for a two-day break is the Czech Republic capital, Prague, at £532.

With cheaper flights than Belgrade coming in at around £270, more costly accommodation is what sets Prague back one, with average prices hitting the £172 mark.

Podgorica, Montenegro

Placing second on the list of more budget-friendly city breaks in Europe is Montenegro’s capital, Podgorica, with an average overall price of £528 for a two-day trip.

Flights to this mountainous Balkan country average a more costly £252 for a return while nabbing a hotel costs around £134.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

In eighth place is Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where couples can expect to spend £538 to stay and explore the city for a two-day holiday.

Flights are the more weighty area of expense for this trip, with figures averaging around £396 for two return flights.

However, the costs for accommodation, excursions, food, taxis and alcohol average much cheaper at £142 all in.

Riga, Latvia

Ninth on the list is Riga, the capital of Latvia, with couples looking to spend £550 for a two-day stay.


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