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Everything That You Need To Know When Traveling To India This Holiday Season!

n this era of pandemic COVID 19, it is no easy job to travel from one country to another. But the government of India has relaxed the travel restriction for 34 countries. The latest addition is Saudi Arabia to facilitate pilgrims for Umrah. An RT-PCR or PCR test is the surest infe3ctioin of the pandemic. 

Hence, according to the circular of the Indian government, erective December 20, 2021, International passengers who arrive in Indian cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Bangalore have been mandated for pre-booking a test of RT-PCR. As of December 9, 2021, the countries at risk include South Africa, Europe, including the UK, Israel, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Ghana, Brazil, Tanzania, Botswana, and Mauritius. Book Now at jet2holidays

Passengers arriving via countries of risk will be restricted from departing the airport or proceeding to any connecting flights until a negative report is obtained. Subsequently, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation has extended this ban to January 31, 2022; however, the ban will not apply on select international flights on a case-to-case basis. Earlier, the Aviation Minister said that international flights would be resumed from December 15. However, the order was revoked because of an anomaly arising due to Omicron.

Below is the latest information on crucial air flights from the US, the UK, Canada, Singapore, and Dubai.



Because of level 1 and level 2 health advisory notice by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US citizens are encouraged to exercise enhanced caution throughout the country because of potential risks to their safety and security. US citizens are advised to:

  • Get them fully vaccinated before taking up the travel.
  • Getting flu shots for better protection from a major outbreak of flu.
  • Adhering to CORONA protocol and the measures to mitigate the attacks.

Because of a short stay, the tourism and other short-term purposes were resumed on November 15 for those holding e-tourist and tourist visas issued on or after 6, 2021. The US government stipulates that tourist visas issued before October 2021will not be honored, and those trying for entry will be either detained or returned to their country.

Individuals moving to India as residents or additional categories of travelers and sure business travelers are permitted to move into India.

On arrival in India, the travelers, irrespective of their vaccination status, must upload a self-declaration along with a negative RT-PCR report to the Air Subidha portal taken 72 hours before departing for India.

On Arrival

Compulsory thermal screening for all travelers

PCR costs INR 500. Symptomatic travelers will be retested and isolated. The rapid test will cost RS 3500, and the traveler is expected to wait for up to 1.5 hours of landing for departing the airport. And one is expected to wait up to 5 hours after landing to leave the airport.

Travelers with negative tests will be needed to home quarantine for seven days. There will be a retest on the eighth day, and the travelers will continue self-monitoring for an additional seven days. Those who test positive will be monitored under strict isolation.


 Although regular scheduled international flights were suspended, under a bilateral agreement, limited flights continue between India and the U. K


As mandated by India, a self-declaration form on portals of Air-Subidha and uploading of negative Covid-19 RT-PCR is conducted 72 hours before undertaking the journey. Your travel will be restricted if you have symptoms of Corona-Virus. Before your departure, you have to self-isolate and comply with any additional healthcare screening.

On Arrival

Travelers are required to pre-book the RT-PCR test and have to wait for the results before taking a connecting flight. If the report is negative, travels are to go for home quarantine for seven days and take a retest on the 8th day. They need to self-monitor their health for the next seven days. If they test positive, they must undergo treatment and further monitoring at a separate isolation facility for ten days.

Travel within India

Entry requirements may vary in various states for international and domestic air travel. Foreign nationals may be restricted from entry. Your entry may be changed at very short notice and hence, you need to check with your airline before traveling. Quarantine may be mandated for international travelers.

All land borders with Bhutan, Nepal, North East India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar are closed except for the return of Indian nationals.

Passengers may be required to provide the details of their present contact and will be asked to download the Arogya Setu app.



This has the same provision as it has for American travelers. Air transport bubble and Vande Bharat Mission flights are available for passengers to travel to India.

On Arrival

Those with Covid negative certificates can travel on domestic flights. Earlier, those exempted from quarantine included those suffering severe illness, children below 10, accompanied by parents, and those with negative RT-PCR. This provision has changed, mandating a negative RT-PCR report that makes the quarantine of 14 days null and void.



All provisions as apply to American travelers apply to Singapore. Additionally, a digitally certified copy of the RT-PCR will be acceptable. This certificate needs to be digitally authenticated by the government of Singapore website Notarise. It is then converted into a QR code that can be used for boarding and immigration clearance overseas. 

On Arrival

A self-paid RT-PCR negative certificate is needed before they leave the airport. The Singaporeans are familiarized with the restrictions of the Indian government, including the entry requirement and immigration procedures.

To do

  • Undertake comprehensive travel insurance
  • Research about current situations local laws and customs
  • E-register with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore



The same provisions apply to American travelers.

On Arrival

  • Take a test on RT-PCR at your own cost and wait for the result
  • Children below five years are exempted from arrival testing
  • Those who tested negative go for home quarantine for seven days and are retested on the 8th day.
  • Those tested positive will be managed as per the protocols of the respective state government.
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