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Everything You Need To Know About MaxMilhas

MaxMilhas is a travel agency that specializes in airline tickets and vacation packages. Customers of the company issue points or miles for a portion of the tickets sold. That is, even if you don’t have any miles, you can obtain a far better deal by using the points of those who want to make money with their miles. However, the firm also works with standard airline tickets that are issued by the airlines themselves. For those who are still unsure, the big question is if MaxMilhas is trustworthy. Yes, but let’s go through everything in more detail.

Is MaxMilhas Trustworthy? Is Shopping With Them Risky?

Yes, MaxMilhas is a safe place to shop. The company sells points and miles to a big number of registered and accredited customers. Furthermore, if you purchase a ticket from the company, it is responsible for your travel, regularly verifying your reservation, and informing you of any changes.

Get The Best Prices On Tickets And Packages

We were to MaxMilhas offices to learn about their internal security and customer support methods, in addition to purchasing several plane tickets with miles to test the service. A staff of more than 200 professionals works for the organization to ensure that no unexpected events occur.

How Does MaxMilhas Work?

The company compares airline prices with the options it offers using miles. The interesting thing is that MaxMilhas shows all available options, indicating whether it is cheaper to buy directly from the airline or issue using miles. This is a very positive difference. In addition, the company operated as a normal travel agency, selling airline tickets and packages.

Since 2013, MaxMilhas has sold more than 7 million airline tickets.

MaxMilhas Divides How Many Times?

The ticket can be paid in up to 12 installments with 3 interest-free installments with a credit card.

Does MaxMilhas Accept Cards?

Credit cards, bank transfers, and photos can all be used to purchase tickets.

What Is The MaxMilhas Phone Number?

During the pandemic, MaxMilhas is temporarily unable to make phone calls. The service is provided by filling out particular forms on the company’s website or app.

Is It Possible To Reschedule Or Cancel A MaxMilhas Ticket?

Yes. The ticket with miles has the same rebooking and cancellation rules as a regular ticket booked directly from the airline. 

Is Buying Or Selling Miles Illegal On Maxmilhas?

No! It’s acceptable. There has also been a Justice Department examination of this matter, which concluded in the first case that consumers have complete control over the points or miles gained in loyalty programs, including the ability to issue tickets and sell them to third parties. The fact that the programs themselves presently sell miles, either directly or through clubs and other means, was one of the justifications utilized in the ruling.

Of course, airlines despise this practice because it allows passengers to purchase tickets at a lesser cost, especially when ticket costs are already high. As a result, they are attempting to enact a restriction on the selling of points and miles in loyalty program regulations, with the threat of participant expulsion. Extreme steps like this, however, are extremely difficult to implement, given the cost and complexity of demonstrating that an irregular transaction occurred, as well as the vulnerability of a possible judicial challenge, given existing jurisprudence.

You Can Travel More With Maxmilhas

Maxmilhas connects people who like to travel more economically with those who want to sell miles and earn extra money. Maxmilhas want to make dreams possible and make good stories real.

Maxmilhas Fetch People Together

Discounted economy tickets are available at MaxMilhas. Without the need for kilometers, search for your location, compare prices and buy.

Earn More Cash With Maxmiles

With miles to spare and looking for some extra cash. With MaxMilhas, you can choose the value of your offer, advertise at no cost and monetize your points safely and quickly.

MaxMilhas Believes That Wonderful Stories Should Be Told In Their Entirety

MaxMilhas is more than a solution; MaxMilhas is a catalyst for change. Many people do not travel frequently due to the high cost of plane tickets, resulting in a large number of miles being squandered. MaxMilhas came to change that by removing travel, experiences, and romances from the pages of a book. A journey is much more than just a getaway for them.



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