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Everything You Should Know About Ben.nl

The mobile phone has evolved significantly over time, owing primarily to the advancement of the mobile internet. Over the years, several mobile telecommunications service providers have arisen. offers mobile telecommunication services at an affordable and reasonable rate. You may quickly take out your preferred membership with Ben online to make it as simple as feasible. If you want personalized assistance, you can go to one of the many stores that sell telephonic subscriptions.

Services Of Ben 

Ben allows you to select from a variety of subscription options. Ben also offers a subscription where you can choose a phone in addition to the SIM-only option. If you don’t want to be bound by a contract, Ben can sell you a prepaid card.

First, figure out what you’ll need and sign up for a membership-based on that. This way, you can rest assured that you are not signing up for a subscription that you will later regret and to which you will be committed for a long time. Especially when you have a high monthly payment to make. So, take a close look at the subscriptions available.

Ben is approaching again

Ben’s name was fully replaced by T-Mobile in early 2003, and the quirky provider seemed to vanish altogether from the scene. Until the year 2008. Ben was reintroduced as an autonomous division of T-Mobile in March of that year, after a five-year absence.

Only T-Mobile SIM cards are available from Ben. Initially, only SIM-only subscriptions were available, however, this was expanded to include prepaid cards in 2010. That did not last long, since Ben discontinued doing so in 2013, and since then, only Sim Only subscriptions have been available at Ben.

Ben also provides appliances and accessories

After Ben’s reintroduction in 2008, it began providing Sim Only subscriptions and no devices were available for purchase via Ben. That is no longer the case. Since 2010, it’s also been available to buy a standalone device or bundle it with a subscription. Ben strives to keep expenses down by offering products from well-known manufacturers rather than the most recent models. Ben has also added a variety of accessories to the line, including covers, power banks, smartwatches, and headphones. All of the articles are available at the Ben.nl webshop.

There are no hidden fees at Ben

Ben wants subscribers to be satisfied with their phones and the services provided to them, so he goes out of his way to make that happen. An unexpectedly hefty bill, when you thought you had signed up for a low-cost subscription, is one of the things that all mobile users find quite frustrating. A restricted data bundle usually results in an unpleasant surprise, which Ben attempts to avoid.

As a result, when your internet package expires, you can save money by purchasing MB Extras. MB Extras are available in 100, 500, and 1000 MB packs. You could bridge the gap between the start of the new month and the release of your new data bundle by purchasing such an extra bundle.

Although you can buy an MB Extra package several times, keep in mind that the leftover MBs will expire at the end of the month. Setting MB Pause is another way to avoid unexpected charges. This service assures that once you’ve used your internet bundle, you won’t be able to access mobile internet again until the next month begins.

Ben is best tested 4G network

Ben uses T-4G Mobile’s network, which has been proven to be the most reliable. It is possible to load online pages at lightning speed, stream videos and music, and share images and movies with this super-fast and dependable network. The 4G network’s coverage is also better than the 3G network due to the use of cutting-edge technologies. 

Ben offers great promotions

Ben has enticing promotions for both new and existing customers regularly. Discounts on subscription costs or intriguing incentives for the purchase of a new device are examples. However, greater data bundles for the same price are frequently available. Ben also promotes a somewhat uncommon friend benefit. This deal allows you to earn money for each friend that becomes a subscriber to Ben. All you have to do is share a certain link with your friends to reap the benefits.

Ben makes it simple to renew your subscription

When you sign up for a monthly membership with Ben, you can extend it at any moment or adapt it to your changing needs. If your subscription is about to expire in the next three months, you can renew it instantly and for free on the Ben.nl website. You have the option of purchasing a new device or opting to just utilize SIM-Only to save money. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the same deals and promotions as new customers while renewing your current subscription.

Ben’s customer service is very accessible

Ben places a high value on customer happiness, which is why he has made it simple to ask inquiries and convey complaints in a variety of methods. Customer assistance is available via phone between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays. In addition, you can always contact us via email, and if you need a speedy answer, you can post questions and comments on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Everyone can visit the website’s Forum, which is utilized by employees, consumers, and other interested parties to share and request information.

Intuitive billing at Ben is possible!

Ben uses a straightforward invoicing approach in the context of customer friendliness. The billing period begins on the first of the month at Ben, and those who subscribe after that date will have their fees prorated immediately. Invoices will be provided around the 20th of each month, detailing the previous month’s expenses. Customers can examine their invoices online using a personal login code, and films describing the specs can be viewed on the website. The payment of invoices is always made through direct debit.



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