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Get The Best Out Of You With Salsa!

Salsa was established in 1994, in a small village in the North of Portugal, right in the heart of the textile industry. Between the tranquility of the countryside and the dynamics of the coastal region of Porto, Salsa grew up, like the people of this region, proud of its work and roots!

Salsa is passionate, cheerful, they speak loudly and Salsa welcomes everyone with open arms. Like Salsa denim, they make their presence felt and convey confidence. Like Salsa artists, singers, designers, architects, and so many other audacious Portuguese, Salsa breaks new horizons and bring contemporary and timeless creativity, without losing the stamp of the origins, to all the customers, not only through the Salsa network of stores, but also the thousands of multi-brand partners who are proudly part of Salsa family and sell Salsa products globally: there’s no reason not to try the best jeans in the world!

Craftsmanship At Salsa

Salsa works in the heart of a region with world fame in the Salsa sector, which allows them to take advantage of centuries of accumulated experience, not only from Salsa people but also from Salsa partners and suppliers, an essential part of the entire production process.

With persistence and perseverance, their purpose is clear – Salsa work to create the best jeans in the world. The know-how of their people throughout the entire process, combined with the high-quality materials they use, make Salsa’s goal a little closer, with each passing day.

Salsa is innovative and resourceful. Salsa has the great privilege of having the industrial facilities (and the incredible laundry room!), combining the best innovation and technology: from laser to ozone washing, always with the expertise of each of our technicians. As Salsa says around here, that’s where the magic happens.

Salsa knows denim and all its details: every fabric, every thread, every stitch, and button. Salsa sew with the passion of those who work to make jeans an art. It’s a dedication to perfection: all their pieces are thought out to the smallest detail, designed with love, and produced with soul so that each pair is unique.

Jeans For Every body

Salsa creates jeans for all body types and according to the uniqueness of each one. Salsa believe that all bodies are beautiful just the way they are – sometimes all it takes is a little confidence to feel comfortable in your skin.

Salsa work tirelessly to be more inclusive: Salsa knows there is a long way to go, but they are getting closer and closer to the brand they want to be. It’s the passion that drives them to create your perfect jeans and push their innovation process to the limit – each new fit requires more than 50 prototypes and hundreds of fittings, to be finished using one of the 67 washing techniques and more than 40 types of special finishes.

Salsa wants to bring out the best in you. Salsa doesn’t just talk about trends or fashion, they talk about quality, comfort, and the way you feel when you wear Salsa jeans. Salsa wants you to feel good about what you wear so you can feel good about yourself afterward: it’s their fit & feel.

People & Planet At Salsa

Salsa was born as a small family and they still feel like that, although Salsa is many more now!

Salsa live in a small town where everyone knows Salsa, where Salsa feel part of the community and Salsa love it that way. Many of the people were born or live nearby: they are neighbors, friends, family. Salsa is proud of the roots and how Salsa grew from them. Salsa believes that success comes when honesty, trust, and tradition are celebrated and never compromised. Salsa improves every day. Leveraging Salsa’s industrial experience, Salsa constantly works to make the perfect pair of jeans with as little energy, resources, or waste as possible.

Sustainability At Salsa

‘Become’ is the sustainability project and represents Salsa’s commitment to do better, to be increasingly efficient and respectful in the use of resources and the environment: you can find out everything Salsa has done and what’s yet to come here.

Being an increasingly sustainable brand is more than a project and is deeply rooted in the way Salsa does things – the people wouldn’t allow it any other way! Now that you know Salsa a little better, feel free to contact them and ask whatever you want, they would love to talk to you.

How can I accumulate a balance with my purchases?

For every purchase, you make in stores, outlets, and online stores, when you identify yourself as a STAR, you accumulate 5% of the amount paid, which remains valid for 180 days. Whenever you reach multiples of 10€ – 10€, 20€, 30€… – the balance is converted into vouchers to use in a purchase within the next 60 days.

How does the Welcome offer work?

After your first purchase as a STAR, you receive a €10 voucher. This voucher is available after the payment of your purchase and is valid for 60 days.

How does the Anniversary offer work?

In the month of your birthday, as a STAR, they celebrate with you and offer you a €10 voucher. This voucher is available on the 1st of the month of your birthday and you have until the last day of the month to use it.


What are the stars for?

Stars give you access to benefits like experiences, exclusive products, and other offers.

You can accumulate stars by interacting with Salsa. Do you want to know how?

  • Register for the STAR program.
  • Connect to Facebook and follow Salsa’s Facebook and Instagram.
  • Keep your personal account information 100% complete and up-to-date.
  • Share your opinion (answer the questionnaires, review the purchased product).
  • Order delivery or return of your online purchases at Salsa stores or Pickup points.

How do I exchange my stars for exclusive experiences or products and other offers?

Check the experiences and offers available When you select the experience and/or offer you want, after confirming its attribution, Salsa will deduct the corresponding value from your star balance.

How can I access private campaigns?

Being STAR is like having a VIP pass that gives you exclusive and first-hand access to Salsa private campaigns. Information about these campaigns is sent by the active means of contact you have associated with your STAR account.

As a STAR, what advantage do I have over limited collections?

Throughout the year, Salsa usually launches limited collections. As a STAR, you will have the advantage of knowing and being able to purchase items from some of these collections in advance.



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