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The fundamental thought behind each HEMA item is to improve day-to-day existence, more straightforward and more fun. They are hopeful and lively, yet additionally spotless and calming, savvy and all around made. Configuration is structure, however, it can likewise be an element of the item, the decision of material or convenience. Configuration is likewise ‘plan thinking’: a HEMA administration concocted to ensure that clients partake as far as they can tell. In any case, their whole reach is 100% HEMA.

Assuming that something is practical yet not extraordinary enough, it isn’t a HEMA plan. Assuming something is extraordinary yet fills no need, it can’t be HEMA plan by the same receipt. Just the mix of the two matters. Just as an incredible cost obviously! That is the one-of-a-kind and conspicuous HEMA signature.

About HEMA

From espresso cups to paper and from journals to towels, the broad HEMA range is likewise great for your organization. Would you like to outfit your work area with the most pleasant HEMA office supplies? Or then again adorn your occasion with HEMA party supplies? If it’s not too much trouble, contact your nearby record supervisor to talk about the choices. They approach espresso exceptionally in a serious way at HEMA. It isn’t without reason that their espresso regularly wins prizes. Furthermore, the cost is additionally generally excellent. Searching for espresso for your business? If it’s not too much trouble, contact your nearby record supervisor to talk about the choices.

Sinterklaas and Christmas are superb minutes to thank partners, representatives, or business relations for their endeavors. HEMA has an extravagant chocolate letter or almond bar in its reach particularly for this reason. At Christmas, it is likewise exceptionally good to give one of their extravagance canvas as a present.

Assume that you have something to celebrate as an organization, it turns out to be much more happy with HEMA baked good. At HEMA you can arrange cakes for any event, including for work, an occasion or for your relations. Complete your treatment with your own photograph, the organization logo, and additionally an individual message. HEMA’s wide range offers limitless options.

About HEMA Foundation

HEMA Foundation is dedicated to a society in which all can partake fully. No matter who you are or what challenges you face. HEMA is dedicated to making an involving social designer normal in diving tough societal challenges. In this way, HEMA encourages that substantial action options are created to organize your daily life differently and better.

HEMA Health Insurance

Get Well Insured With HEMA

With HEMA’s health insurance you are insured of good health care. If you would want to contact HEMA, then you can do so by e-mail or by telephone. They have been accomplishing this since 2014 and their customers relish it very much.

Enjoy A 10% Lucky Discount On HEMA Purchases

Insurance with HEMA has one more major advantage and that’s that you get an extra 10% discount in HEMA stores and on the hema.nl website for a full year. The extra discount is valid on almost everything from the HEMA range. All those little moments of happiness make all the change.

HEMA Health Insurance 2022: Premiums And Coverage

Which health insurance is right for you and which supplementary insurance does HEMA offer and what are the rates. HEMA has of course listed this for you. View the various supplementary health insurance policies and basic insurance.

view all changes in policy for 2022

HEMA Insurance: An Amazing And Uncomplicated Insurance

Whoever you are and whatever you do, life is simply exceptional. HEMA realizes that you are cautious with that. To that end, you can ensure your most significant resource as well as could be expected at HEMA. Its protection approaches are by and large what you are utilized to from HEMA, great and basic. No little print, yet in clear language and simply great protection and extra inclusion for significantly greater security. You can take out protection with HEMA without hardly lifting a finger as shopping on the web in their webshop and everything in your life is well and just safeguarded with a couple of mouse clicks.

Discover all HEMA insurance policies now!

Insure Everything You Love With HEMA

With HEMA Verzekeringen you can quickly insure pretty much anything you love. From your assets, pets, your vehicle, or e-bicycle to your whole home, your wellbeing, and that of your cherished one or kids. Regular minutes and mishaps that are in little corners can be insured against harm or burglary at a reasonable cost at HEMA. For a limited quantity, you can depend on amazing inclusion and protection customized to your life and the individuals around you. From your responsibility to the consideration for your family, you can take out our protection arrangements rapidly and effectively on the web. Quickly pick the protection that suits you and keep partaking in your life lighthearted!

calculate your premium quickly and easily


Products, Services, And Insurance Offered By HEMA

Know Why HEMA Is Trusted As An Insurer

HEMA has been shading the streets in the Netherlands and past for right around 100 years. As a store, HEMA is at the core of society. It started around 2004 and you can not just find everything at HEMA to give tone to your life, you can likewise guarantee all that is significant to you. Taking about the protection with HEMA is similarly pretty much as simple as purchasing a delectable tompouce or some real renowned frankfurters. You have a generally excellent item at a cutthroat cost. Since very much like the things in their stores, and protection approaches are appropriate for each pocket. Furthermore, you additionally partake in the comfort of orchestrating everything yourself on the web.

Know What Makes HEMA So Unique

HEMA is the only insurer with hundreds of stores across the nation. This means that in addition to comprehensive, affordable insurance, you satisfy with many nice extras. HEMA loves to treat you and that’s why now and then surprises you with specific HEMA gifts, which always come in handy. Bicycle lights with your bicycle insurance, an ice scraper with your car insurance, or fun items that should not be missing in your interior, HEMA keeps your life fun and safe!

Get Up To 15% Stack Discount!

At HEMA you can insure your home and fireplace for the most reasonable price. From your pet to your entire house, you can insure everything important to you is well and simple. And HEMA has now created these complete insurance even more affordable with a stack discount of up to 15%. This means that HEMA offers you the most elevated package discount of all Dutch insurers.

The more non-life insurance guidelines you take out with HEMA, the more increased discount you will get on your total monthly premium. You can also decide which insurance policies you want to stack.

more about stack discount

Arrange Everything According To You Online

At HEMA you can easily arrange everything by yourself. For example, changing a cover to canceling your insurance. Or simply take out additional insurance, of course.

Daily Terminable

Because all HEMA non-life insurance policies can be canceled on a daily basis, you never have to spend too much on your insurance. HEMA is very normal that you only spend on insurance when you really think you need it.

They Really Care For Their Clients

The HEMA Verzekeringen team is keeping a close eye on developments surrounding the coronavirus too! In doing so, HEMA follows the guidelines of the national government and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). Caring for their clients is of course essential. If you have any questions then they are of course ready to help you out.

Customer Service Of HEMA

Customer Service Of HEMA is always there for you if you need us. If you have any questions then check out HEMA’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), there is a good chance that the answer to your question is already present there. If you have an emergency, you can of course again reach them by phone nut don’t forget that you can arrange just about everything yourself in the online policy folder.

Discover Within 3 Minutes That Which Insurance Suits You The Best

Everyone is unique so at HEMA you get unique health insurance and just by answering a few simple questions, you will find out which (additional) health insurance from HEMA suits you best.

Get The 10% Lucky Discount

Lucky discount at HEMA is an extra discount that you get with your HEMA health insurance throughout the year on nearly all your investments at HEMA, both online and in stores. You can easily scan the discount at the cash registers with your ‘more HEMA’ customer

Stay Healthy With HEMA

A good night’s sleep, an assorted diet, or sufficient exercise, and all contribute to good health and longer life. In collaboration with SamenGezond, HEMA helps you to deal with this consciously. Or to learn what you can do to permanently improve your lifestyle. Because this sometimes asks enough of you, it is completely free. Even if you partake in some fun promotions.

Combination Policy

HEMA’s most common insurance is a combination policy. You will receive a 100% refund for contracted care. In the Care Finder, you can see for each care provider whether agreements have been made or not. If you want to go to a care provider that is not contracted, 70% of the costs will be refunded and you will be reimbursed 100% for contracted care.

Benefits Of HEMA Health Insurance

At HEMA health insurance everything is there for you when you need it. Some of the benefits of HEMA health insurance are:

  • 100% refund with hired care providers
  • available both online and by phone
  • 10% extra lucky discount on almost everything at HEMA for a year
  • free vitality program for nice extras


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