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Here’s Why Zooplus Is Best!

Do you adore your pet regardless of anything else and need to guarantee its prosperity and happiness in life consistently? For the purposes, nothing is a higher priority than the satisfaction of this wish. Zooplus have been doing it for north of 20 years – for yourself as well as your pet.

Is aquarium, winged, if four-legged companions – no necessities are as essential to them as the requirements of your pet. And in light of the fact that they know from their own experience how debilitating it tends to be to find the right food, adornments, and toys for your cherished pets, Zooplus convey everything your pet necessities right to your entryway. Packs with food, litter, and even specific frill don’t keep them from giving the most advantageous type of conveyance for you. Because of this, you can disregard conveying weighty, cumbersome food from the grocery store and deal with your pet without compromising.

Zooplus range of tasty foods makes your pet healthier:

  • Dry food: dry food for cats or dogs, in the form of granules, cookies, or croquettes that are tailored to the individual needs of your pet and form the basis of a balanced diet and are essential for achieving complete chewing enjoyment.
  • Wet food: tasty, wet food for cats or dogs, in the form of complete or complimentary food, with high water content, for balanced nutrition of your pet, it optimally supplies the animal’s body with all nutrients and ensures a correct water balance.
  • Delicacies: whether it is for a pleasant time, at the stage of upbringing, or during the training of your pet, the delicacies Zoolus offer provide dogs, cats, and small animals comparable chewing joy. Their little snacks in particular are great rewards during training.
  • Dietary supplements: to compensate for nutritional deficiencies in your pet’s diet, their dietary supplements cover all vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, so that your pet will not be deprived of health basics.
  • Raw meat diet: A natural, raw food for your dog that reflects the original eating habits of a wolf’s descendants, with raw vegetables, fruits, and meat.

ZooPoints program

Zoo Points pay off! Effectively exchange your points for bonuses.

How to utilize the zoo points Program?

Make an account at zooplus and as a registered zooplus customer, you can naturally profit from the bonus program and get 200 zooPoints as a welcome gift.

Collect ZooPoints

With each buy, you will get 1 zooPoint for each PLN 4.00 of the request esteem. Over the request measure of PLN 149, points will be added two times: each extra PLN 4.00 = 2 zooPoints. You can likewise gather extra points on account of various advancements.

Utilize your points

As of now with your subsequent request, you can add your cherished bonus to the truck or give points to creature noble cause.

How it’s functioning?

For each PLN 4.00 spent, you will get 1 zoom point. On account of inadequate sums, the worth will be adjusted to PLN 0.50 (for example while requesting for PLN 37.20 you will get 9 points, and while requesting for PLN 39.20 you will get 10 points.

You can procure extra zooPoints through extraordinary offers and advancements. You will find out with regards to them on their site and the bulletin, on account of which you will get the chosen prize much quicker.

Your zooPoints will be credited to your account after the request has been fully paid for and your booking is affirmed in their framework. For specialized reasons, installments in their framework are affirmed as credited around 24 hours after they are credited to your account. In the event that the request esteem drops (for example the item is returned), zooPoints may be charged for the sum paid.

The zooplus affiliate program

Do you want to become a zooplus affiliate partner?

The zooplus Affiliate Program is one of the biggest and best pet affiliate programs. Your clients can acquire a great deal from their numerous long periods of involvement and advantage from their wide scope of more than 8,000 items for canines, felines, little pets, birds, and aquarists.

Benefits for the affiliate partner:

  • Up to 4% commission on the request.
  • A huge choice of promoting materials.
  • Current item information with connecting to the store’s site.
  • Individual arrangements and deals crusades on schedule.
  • High shopping truck worth and high re-buy rate.
  • The low ricochet pace of around 2%.
  • Utilization of treats for 30 days.
  • Premium expressions for top distributors.
  • Individual support for every distributor and receptiveness to novel thoughts.

Benefits for your users:

  • A wide scope of more than 8,000 items from notable producers.
  • Different activities and offers.
  • Alluring bonus program – zooPoints.
  • Services connected with the consideration of pets

Become an affiliate partner of zooplus now:

Persuade yourself regarding zooplus, the pet master who has been available for more than 20 years. Become a piece of the affiliate program. You should simply enroll through the affiliate network AWIN be Trade Doubler.

10% discount for organizations

Numerous animals in Poland are abandoned or passed on to their destiny. In such cases, sanctuaries or animal government assistance associations are regularly the ones in particular who save and help abandoned and undesirable animals. It is on account of them that these poor abandoned animals get another home and another opportunity for a superior life. zooplus supports – not just monetarily – registered and lawful associations. As a feature of this help, they offer a 10% discount on orders with a worth of PLN 300. 

Do you want a discount?

Might it be said that you are helping animals and need to exploit a discount for the association? Send us the accompanying subtleties:

  • name of the association working for animals – from the register of Public Benefit Organizations
  • number of animals under the consideration of the revealed association
  • a duplicate of the association’s resolution and a current selection from the National Court Register

How it’s functioning?

  • After a check of your enrollment, you will get an email affirming your membership in the Program for Shelters and Animal Welfare Organizations.
  • For resulting buys at zooplus, sign in utilizing the email address and secret phrase that you gave while enrolling in the Program.
  • The discount will be applied to the actuated account solely after entering the email address and recently chosen secret phrase.
  • A 10% discount will be consequently applied to a request with a worth of at minimum PLN 300.
  • The animal asylum or animal government assistance association may just have one discount account and may just show one conveyance address for items bought at the discount being referred to.
  • A discount on the acquisition of the items conceded for working in an animal asylum or an animal government assistance association qualifies you for exploiting this discount as it were. The conceded discount can’t be joined with different discounts or refund coupons. Just one type of discount can be utilized in one request.
  • The discount qualifies you to buy items for the requirements of animals being taken care of by an animal safe house or association working for animals just with respect to the number of animals presently under the consideration of a given office.
  • The discount doesn’t matter to items set apart with the data “Extraordinary cost”.
  • The discount is addressed distinctly to animal havens and associations working for animals with the situation with public advantage associations, working keeping commonly appropriate moral guidelines and material regulation.
  • The utilization of the discount for business objects is precluded.
  • zooplus claims all authority to check the situation with animal cause associations in light of the Public Benefit Organization Register whenever during the discount time frame.


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