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How To Dress Up Right For A Family Photo Shoot?

You have booked a family portrait session and are contemplating what the family members will wear in the session. You know that these photos are about your family and the love and link that connect you. These pictures will hang on walls or be seen on the side table or album for years. After years you will see and go down memory lane. Family photos are time frozen in time to be cherished forever. So, ensure you plan well for the session for yourself and the family. 

The location of clicking photographs is also important. You may want to take pictures when on vacation. Get the name of a good photographer from friends, bloggers, or the internet. If the image is to be taken at home, searching for a good photograph is better. Give your instructions for what you want. Inspect the home décor where the picture will be displayed. Shop Now on Asos

The background of the picture and your attire should blend. Please make a list of shots you desire and explain it to the photographer. On the day of the photographing, take extra time to get ready. Begin the session when daylight is fine. There should be something heart-warming about each picture. It should show love and bond among family pictures. The whole idea of the family picture is to bring out everyone’s personalities and love for each other.

Make sure there is no last-minute chaos, arguments, or stress. It would be best to plan before time so that your tension does not show on your face. Be sure the scene you want as leafy greens surround the background in a forest or field. The clothing should match the environment. 

The Points to Consider for Family Photo Shoot!

Ponder over what you think about the type of family you are and the style you follow. In case you are a formal family wear smart attire. 

  1. Dress as per the weather

The right season attire will make you comfortable. In summers wear cotton clothes. If the session is in winter keep the family warm and cosy with the right clothes. 

  1. Outfits complement each other

Clothing is a detail that is noticed at first glance. Good clothes elevate mood, and it shows in the pictures. Soft neutrals like cream, ivory, and grey will go with navy, dusty, blue, soft greens and leather brown. The dresses should complement each other rather than fully match. 

Even after several years, the picture will reflect a balanced view. If you feel comfortable and confident about your looks, it will remember in the photos. If you have one color, do not be dismayed. The photography angle will demonstrate the feeling of togetherness. Suppose you select a yellow color. 

One member can wear a yellow top, other yellow trousers, another yellow hairband, shoes, bracelet, etc. Thus the color ties you through vision and is not overwhelming. It is better to avoid all white or black clothing. 

All white will overexpose the photo and miss the details in clothing, while black easily loses its depth. Layout the clothes on the bed and see how they mingle with each other. It will help you to rethink and make an alteration. You can get inspiration from online examples 

  1. Prints and patterns 

They go in for bigger prints because small patterns make an impression as moiré. The camera cannot exactly capture and reflect light. If your preference is towards checks, bigger ones are better than smaller ones. Tiny statements with light and dark contrast are to be avoided. 

  1. Slim look

Some members may get too conscious about their weight. The best thing to do is select clothes that flatter your body’s natural curves and give a slim look. 

  1. Hair cut

Please do not get a haircut a day before the photo session, especially for boys, because it will leave a white line around the hairline in the picture. Get cutting done a week before the session. This way, the hair will look natural. You can blow wave after a wash. 

  1. Addition of layers

This is also a good method in the form of a cardigan jacket or blazer to bring variety in pictures. 

  1. Dress up after planning

A woman can wear a maxi, midi, or knee-length dress. Men can dress up in dress pants and matching shoes. Keep away from shorts. However, you can get away from shorts. Jeans can also be a choice. Blazer and sweater give a formal look. 

  1. Accessories

Combine with the dress like scarves, headbands, jewelry, sunhats, fresh flowers, or blankets add to the beauty of the picture. 

  1. Comfort 

The outfit should be comfortable, and different poses should not be difficult to make. Your movement of running, laughing, walking, etc., should be with ease. For instance, if the outfit is comfortable only at one specific point, you will not relax. Also, ensure that undergarments are not tight and not visible.

  1. Tailored outfit

It is better to tailor unique clothing for better fit, color, and style. Keep away from heavy branding. Avoid logo prominently displayed. The eye will not rest on you but on the logo when the picture is ready. 

  1. Mix textures

Mix and match textures, cuts, and styles in the outfits. Example of the surface is chambray, faux fur, chunky, knit, lace, tweed, wool, and others. It will show individuality but keep the togetherness will not be lost.

  1. Makeup

If the shot is to be taken outside in natural light, you should use makeup. Lip gloss should be sufficient. Blend the foundation evenly with the neck. Fake eyelashes create a good impression.

  1. Shoes

Try out comfortable shoes. Close-toed shoes photograph well. Open-toed sandals should be worn without nail polish.


The location of family photography is selected that suits the family. It can be indoors, in-studio, and outdoors. The background can be black, grey, white, pink, blue or scenic beauty or home feel. A place of special significance to the couple can also be a choice. Shop Now on Asos

The style of clothing should match the theme and idea of the session. It should be aligned to the surrounding. The theme of the photo should be reflected in the picture. The article could be street, casual, business, festive or romantic.



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