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How & Where To Reuse Your Prom Dress Again This Year?

Prom is at times semi-formal and at times formal party at the end of the school year for older students in high school. It is a memorable event of life, just like the wedding day. Most girls look forward to this event because the dress makes them look like princesses. 

There are many questions in mind like who will ask you for dance, your beautifying technique from hairdo to jewellery, etc. Once the event is over, the dress occupies the wardrobe, and you wonder when next it will be used. The prom dress is expensive, and wearing it just once is indeed a waste of money. Shop Now on Quiz Clothing

It could be prom dress is likely to be the most expensive dress in your closet and you may want to wear it again. You can show it off several times. It is not something you can wear on casual days. There are alternatives. 

If you join college for further education, the others will be new students you have not seen before. So, your entire wardroom is unique to them. If there is a club date college dance, it will not be awkward for the occasion, so wear the prom dress with confidence.  

If there is a wedding in the family, a prom dress will be appropriate; however, make sure that your gown does not look more attractive than the bride’s dress. If your dress has hints of white with colours, then it will be best for the occasion. You can enter a beauty contest in a prom dress and compete for the title. All you must do is to learn the catwalk.

New Year parties are full of glamour and pretty dresses. Use your prom dress if you have not outgrown it. It will go with the sparkle of the surrounding. Wear a jacket and transparent skin-coloured tights to beat the winter temperature. 

You or your mother may be a member of a charity organization. Make a good presence by wearing your expensive prom dress and achieve the charity’s success. At the fund-collecting function, you can attend as a budding socialite.

If you have contacts and are invited for Marine or Army Ball, your prom will fit the occasion. Dance the night away with confidence and elegance. Your friends may decide to meet after years of separation. Get dressed in the prom and show off how well you have maintained and prospered over the years. Then there are other occasions like golf day out, concert date, comedy club performance, etc. You will get a lot of attention, and the photos taken will be amazing. 

Alter the dress for semi-formal occasions. You can change the hemline. Wear it with a belt, wear subdued jewellery, brush, and tie the hair differently. Cut off straps, and it’s a cocktail dress. You will not be overdressed. 

If you have cousins or a younger sister, let them wear it if it fits. If the prom has hung in the cupboard for a long time, cut it up and turn out colourful belts or head scarfs, use the cloth as an applique on another dress. Create a headband with sequins on it. 

It can be turned into Halloween costumes. You can exchange the dress for that of your friend. It will save money, and you can wear it in the circle of friends who have not seen it. 

Enjoy dance parties and click pictures for others to show. Chop the dress into two parts. The upper part with the strap as the jeans top and the lower prom dress is recycled. You can even make a tablecloth out of it. 

What can you do with the dress?

  • Alter it: Take suggestions from the local tailor and pool ideas so you can wear it and do not live with the guilt that you wasted the money. 
  • Sell it: You can sell to somebody know or online and get some investment back. You can reuse the money. 
  • Donate it: These dresses are expensive, and if you are well off, donate them to the needy. Some economically weak section youngsters will be able to attend the prom function. 
  • Hand it down: If some of your cousins or friend, neighbours can use it if you are generous enough to hand it down. 
  • Keep it: Keep it in your cupboard for memory’s sake. Years later, you will look at it with pleasant memories. 

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The History!

The prom has its root in the promenade originating from Northeast colleges like Harvard University and Amherst College during the 19th century. At that time, it was simple farewell dances organized by graduating classes. It became a teen tradition at high schools by the 1940s. 

The prom dress is nonsecular and not rule-based to any ethnicity; thus, it is more universal in appeal than others. This tradition got popular in Canadian high schools as well. The UK also followed the tradition; however, it did not expand globally.

In the mid-century, the prom dress was not sexy. In 1940 the prom dress silhouettes were given slim cut as during WWII there was fabric ration. The dresses had higher necklines, and the shoulders were covered with puffy volume at the shoulders. The

Floor wiping Hemlines were combined with heavy materials such as velvet and taffeta. 

Very feminine waist-fitting dresses dominated the scene in the 1950s. The dress had fitted waist, full skirts, and calf-length hems falling 3-4 inches below the knees. Some dresses had frilly ruffles. Currently, strapless styles are also common. 

Proms reached a milestone in the 70s. Jessica McClintock created a brand that became synonymous with prom dressing in the 80s and the 90s. 

Prom dress styles evolved and are more scintillating in the last two decades. At present, the proms have dramatic cut-outs. Many schools have enforced restrictions and dress codes that control what girls can wear and are forbidden. 


The prom night party is the most awaited night for a school pass-out. It is a big night, and the whole class is dressed for making good memories to last a lifetime. Promo night is the period for seniors to end school life with style. It is the last dance and the last formal event of school life.



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