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Hugendubel: The Best Bookshop Established In 1893

Hugendubel is Germany’s largest owner-managed bookseller. You can order your books at Hugendubel.de with free shipping directly to your home or your nearest Hugendubel branch.

Book delivery directly to branches

Hugendubel.de is your online bookshop for books, everything being equal: from thrill rides to romance books. On Hugendubel.de you will find the main new items, hits, and works of art just as an extensive scope of guides, expert books, and audiobooks. Peruse the broad reach however much you might want and request books, movies, and music helpfully online. From 29€ and for all books they deal with free transportation to your front entryway.

Books are Hugendubel’s obsession, and presently in the fifth era of the family. Notwithstanding the online book conveyance administration, Hugendubel additionally has more than 100 branches all through Germany. At Hugendubel you can helpfully pick up books requested online.

From bestsellers to reference books; get everything

Starting around 1893, Hugendubel has given himself to books in the entirety of their structures and shadings. This experience is additionally pondered Hugendubel.de. 

Here you will find a thorough determination of printed distributions, including new deliveries and blockbusters just as guides, expert writing, and the best books for youngsters. Whether or not it is a spine chiller, a novel, or a story from everywhere in the world, each book arrives at your hands rapidly and for nothing.

Buy the best audiobook, eBooks, movies, music, and toys

Notwithstanding the printed word, Hugendubel.de likewise offers audiobooks, digital books, films, music, and toys. Arranged by classification and style, music and film sweethearts can rapidly find oddities and evergreens in picture and sound on Hugendubel.de. What’s more, they additionally offer you an enormous determination of book recordings of all classifications in Hugendubel’s online bookshop. 

Recline and leave yourself alone moved by your cherished work, regardless of whether at home or in a hurry. You will likewise find a wide determination of books set up with a good soundtrack for kids and youngsters on Hugendubel.de. 

Hugendubel’s scope of toys likewise gives you great diversion for the entire family, here you will forever find the right present for your little ones. On the off chance that you like to read the advanced word, find Hugendubel gigantic determination of eBooks and Hugendubel current tolino eBook Reader and experience compositions at the most elevated specialized level.

Hugendubel bookstore in your nearest city

At Hugendubel they have been resolved to books for five ages. This is how an organization of bookshops was made in numerous urban areas in Germany. In blend with the book mail request from Hugendubel.de, they offer Hugendubel customers the whole scope of book buys regardless of whether requested through the Internet or purchased in the exemplary bookstore or picked up. Visit us at your closest Hugendubel branch and anticipate energizing writer readings and numerous different occasions. Pursue Hugendubel occasion bulletin at Hugendubel.de without commitment.

Media & service for schools

Do it like more than 2000 fulfilled customers from the training area and request textbooks and learning materials for each kind of school and grade from the Hugendubel expert data.

With its textbook help, Hugendubel Fachinformation is the equipped media accomplice for schools and further instruction organizations. Hugendubel textbook assistance incorporates the delivery of all printed and advanced instructive media and textbooks from all distributors – from grade school to preparing, for each age and each instructive way – based on your conditions!

Get the complete textbook

Hugendubel’s online reach incorporates more than 250,000 school books, textbooks, workbooks, showing materials, digital books, and computerized media. You will find attempted and-tried learning material and textbooks for all school types (Primary school, local school, auxiliary school, middle school, coordinated complete school, helpful far-reaching school, center school, upper school, evening school, and secondary school just as for professional school) and expert preparation and further instruction.

• Textbooks and learning materials, all things considered, for each school subject and branch of knowledge

• Stock structure of the school library

• Delivery of textbooks, books, and media for the school library

• Delivery of class sets

• Collapsing and thwarting of textbooks and class sets

• with proposals and ideas for school reading and extra media ( DVDs, games, and so forth)

With data on new distributions in case of changes to the educational plan:

• counsel on textbooks

• Online textbook request administration

• Free pamphlet on themes and new items

On-demand, they can likewise explore and put together unfamiliar titles at current costs. They can likewise give you all that you want for ordinary school life. This permits your instructors to get ready ideally and proficiently for their examples.

Media research/stock administration in the online entrance

On Hugendubel.info you can look for distributing offers yourself and request straightforwardly. The online list involves around 11 million titles, including 1,800,000 computerized media for download. Notwithstanding textbooks, you will likewise find the right materials for your examples here, eg school reading material in class sets. Exploit on www.hugendubel.info.

Basic subject and subject-explicit inquiry:

• Metadata delivery with trade choice to your frameworks

• Straightforward writing the executives, delivery status, spending plan outline

• New distributions administration on explicit points at the ideal cadence

Textbook help on the ideal date

They hand over new learning materials ready for credit to primary schools, provincial schools, optional schools, middle schools, and punctuation schools just as to professional schools and organizations for proficient preparation and further instruction. This saves you time and makes it simpler to appropriate to classes or understudies. They pack and pack as per your desires and convey FREE of charge on the ideal date:

• Arranging by classes/understudies/branches of knowledge

• Making class sets 

• Wrapping/wrapping books and materials 

• Attaching

names/Littera scanner tag administration

• Setting proprietorship stamps or school stamps

• Reviewing for school libraries

On-time delivery at ideal conditions

You will accept your request on the concurred day, so textbooks and learning materials will be with you on schedule for the beginning of the new school year or the beginning of the course. Of course, the delivery is FREE!

• Delivery for nothing on the ideal date in harmless to the ecosystem reusable tubs • Preparation of

offers with most extreme conditions as per the Book Price Fixing Act

• Lawful limits for school libraries as per the Book Price Fixing Act

• Individual accounting as per your determinations

Hugendubel services for libraries

The service supplier for libraries

Save significant assets and gain time for different undertakings with Hugendubel. Hugendubel accomplished booksellers and curators will uphold you in profiling your library stock and hence guarantee that your readers have a fluctuated and cutting-edge scope of items.

Notwithstanding all books, the broad reach additionally incorporates book recordings, Tonies, portable sticks, DVDs, music CDs, control center, and table games from all areas and distributers.

Order the best

Hugendubel save the outline for you! Depending on the cautious audit of every single new delivery and advantage from the experience of Hugendubel booksellers and curators – this way you acquire time for your clients:

• Get well-known titles exceptionally custom-made to the scope of the state, the city

also local area libraries.

• Contingent upon spending plan size, Hugendubel standing orders incorporate top titles

Standard titles and beneficial titles.

• They search for all significant curiosities for you in the ideal subject gatherings, both specifically

also across distributors and media

• Hugendubel make a singular choice of titles for you as per your profile

• Then think about the latest things, local, speedy


• Hugendubel base the choice on those with you concurred measures that can be changed whenever

• It ensures that they will just inventory you with titles that are appropriate for libraries and avoid optional abuse

• They deal with your spending plan, utilize it, and stick to your maximum cutoff points

• They can change the financial plan of your STO during the year as required

• Hugendubel supply list information in Marc21 design Request

New release service with the new deliveries

services you are generally forward-thinking and have a fantastic reason for your title determination. Utilize this free service to enhance your STO or your singular stock construction.

• Title ideas as indicated by: eg themes, creators, designs, subject gatherings

• Review or forward-looking arrangements of titles in the ideal musicality as indicated by

models that can be changed whenever

• Mechanized and non-restricting deal

• Advantage: free utilization of spending plan with a full outline of the reach

Media research

At www.hugendubel.info you can undoubtedly research, order, and deal with your media stock:

• Online index with around 11 million titles

• Media research with broad hunt capacities

• Review and order the Hugendubel Standing Order and the new distribution


• Making, making due, sending watch records

• Straightforwardness: view orders + solicitations, remark, whine, drop

• Measurements instrument hit records, online class library, copy check

• Privileges the executives and individual setting of the field task

media altering

This service saves you time and diminishes costs

Hugendubel gathers your media as indicated by your desires, rapidly and in wonderful quality:

• Eliminate maker foil

• Wrap books

• Apply marks, standardized tags, RFID chips

• Set library stamps • Repack

DVDs, Blu-beam, CDs, and games

• Stick CD cases, three-sided pockets/plugin

• Inventory information Marc-21

Extra publication services for libraries

• Semiannual oddity indexes with outlines of top titles, patterns, and subjects,

advanced by private book proposals from top booksellers and bookkeepers

• Writing records as indicated by your determinations

Broad data and preparing offers 

• Extensive scope of bulletins

• Live occasions: introductions of new items

• Virtual review

of new items 

• Wide scope of online courses



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