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Not only in Germany but in many other European countries idealo is one of the leading shopping and comparison platforms. In 2000 idealo began with a mission to help its users make the most suitable possible investment decisions. Today, idealo is with 1.9 million visits per day, around 50,000 shops, and over 400 million offers, with one of the most popular German e-commerce websites. Idealo is also successful internationally. As a price comparison idealo are currently represented in 6 European countries.

More than 50,000 dealers in Germany and Europe are listing on idealo and with idealo, you can reach over 30 million ready-to-buy users each month. With idealo, you not only reach the bargain hunters but thanks to idealo direct-purchase also those who want to buy your product quickly and specifically directly on the idealo platform.

idealo is a Berlin success story, right in the heart of the capital and in one of the most modern office buildings in Europe, around 1,100 employees from 40 nations work on the future of online shopping. Idealo focuses on agile and independent work, sustainability, and a healthy relationship between work and private life.

Idealo’s Promise To Its Customers


A great placement cannot be found at idealo and the shop can come first with the cheapest price. All partners are checked for seriousness, legal aspects, and creditworthiness.


Idealo doesn’t trade anything but rather notifies consumers about the products and recommendations in online retail. At idealo, everyone can get competent advice without being pushed to buy.


Idealo helps you to better penetrate the often opaque online trade. The use of idealo is completely complimentary of charge for all.

About Idealo

Founded in 2000, idealo is now one of the largest shopping and comparison platforms in Germany with over 30 million visitors a month. On idealo, its users can compare more than 400 million offers and order products directly using the for sale function.

Idealo Flight

Idealo flight is the current DtGV test winner among the flight price search engines and No. 1 in the price & price transparency category. With 50 million flight offers every day, users have access to a huge selection of offers.

Idealo Hotel

Idealo has been offering its hotel price comparison since 2012. idealo members can choose from 3 million hotels, holiday apartments, and holiday homes all around the world.

Idealo International

With idealo price comparison, idealo are no longer only represented in Germany, but also in 5 other European nations. In France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, and Spain. Idealo has a total of more than 10 million visitors within a month.

Clarity For You

You must always have a good feeling when shopping with idealo so they create clarity for you among millions of online offers. Idealo enables you to decide what you need and to make the best purchase decision for you. Idealo doesn’t have to sell you anything and idealo doesn’t have a warehouse that needs to be emptied. That is why they always advise you objectively. Incidentally, the dealers listed with idealo pay us a small fee for its service. The use of idealo is free of charge for you. That has always been the case and it will remain so.

Infinite Possibilities At Idealo

Over 350 million offers from around 50,000 retailers in its price comparison meant for you a comprehensive overview of the market. No matter what you are looking for, at idealo. At the best price. Comprehensive filter and sorting functions help you to find your personal recommendation. Test reports, user opinions, and idealo advice texts will help you with the purchase decision. Notepad, price alarm clock, and idealo direct-purchase make cheap shopping easy and convenient. At idealo, you decide what you want to buy and from whom. You can use the idealo app on the go.

Do Worry-Free Shopping At Idealo

Before idealo puts an offer online, they check the dealer. This means that not all dealers in Germany are listed in the idealo price search engine, only those who have signed a contract with them. So you don’t have to worry about things like availability and delivery. idealo has already done that and shows you everything in the compact price comparison. If you still have any questions, you can send an email at to them. And if something should go wrong, idealo ensures to give a solution. idealo is there for you Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on the weekend from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Excellent Services Are Provided By Idealo

Idealo is pretty good at what it does and they keep winning awards for its reliability and service. In addition, TÜV Saarland was the first price comparison to award idealo the “tested comparison portal” seal for transparency, up-to-dateness, data protection, and quality. idealo is pleased that the TÜV has certified its work as a price comparison. That doesn’t change the fact that over 800 employees work every day to make shopping easy, worry-free, and safe for you and to continuously improve the idealo.

Scholarship For Pioneers At Idealo

Intending to give young people the chance to fully devote themselves to their projects and commitments without having to take on a student job at the same time, idealo has advertised its scholarship program for the third time this year. idealo jury was overwhelmed by the many and great applications.

idealo would like to thank all other applicants for their great and inspiring applications! It is nice to see how many young people sustainably support the disadvantaged alongside their studies.

Pioneers At Idealo

You can do things that are difficult for others with natural ease. With your above-average ability – be it in the form of mathematical talent, outstanding social skills, or completely selfless devotion to the environment, people, and animals you can easily face any challenge and earn admiration from your fellow human beings. Talking about a potential project is not enough for you, you want to do something, create facts, and have already done this in the past.

idealo too are among your admirers, inside and believes that people of your kind must be encouraged. Because one thing is certain.

Outstanding achievements are more important than ever in our society today so they advance them and must be recognized accordingly. Idealo is concerned with more than can be assessed with grades.

The Corporate Culture Of Odealo

Employees of idealo are the foundation of idealo and the most important component of its success.

Idealo sees its employees as personalities whose individual life plans, respect and taken into account. The main goal of idealo is to create a motivating and fulfilling work environment for all employees. idealo value and strengthen the diversity in the workforce. Around 1,100 people from 40 nations work for and at idealo.

The Corporate Philosophy Of Idealo

idealo believes in freedom as the basis of its daily work and the balance between work and private life. They mostly spend their time in an environment in which family, private life, and work can be reconciled.

Trust is the basis for freedom. Both in the relationship between a company and its employees and the relationship between colleagues. Where there are little trust, excessive control results.

For trust to exist, it needs responsibility, the responsible filling of one’s own freedom, and the responsible use of the freedom of others.

Corporate Values Of Idealo

Idealo corporate values ​​are an integral part of its corporate philosophy. They form the foundation for ethical, collegial, and collaborative cooperation.

Openness And Honesty Is Offered By iIdealo

Openness and honesty are the basis for their dealings with one another. They allow us to work together as a team and as a community based on mutual trust.

Courage And Tolerance At Idealo

idealo dare to take responsibility for its own work and the courage to face its own mistakes. idealo show tolerance for the mistakes of others so that it is easier for everyone to openly admit their own mistakes.

Integrity At Idealo

idealo act sincerely and according to beliefs. it stands behind what it says and lets its words be followed by deeds. They maintain this integrity within idealo, but also towards its users and partners.



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