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Importance Of Travel Insurance In Today’s Era!

Insurance may be Life insurance or General Insurance. The term insurance signifies coverage of an unforeseen risk based on the Theory of Probability. It is about the happening or not happening of a particular event. The insured person pays a specific amount as a premium for the happening of a specific event. Travel Insurance comes under General Insurance. 

If it happens, the insurer or the insurance company pays an agreed amount for the event happening or not happening. For instance, if the insured person has been accustomed to the loss of personal belongings, if it is lost, the insurer compensates the insured person for an amount for which the personal belonging was insured.

Based on this conception, travel insurance is essential, particularly in this era of the global pandemic, COVID 19. It is necessary whether you go for a domestic or travel abroad. If you fail to cover specific important eventuality travel insurance, you are almost sure to lose a substantial amount.  Book Now on Jet2holidays

If you have taken up insurance, the loss can be significantly compensated. Statistics evidence that more than 50% of Americans had to absorb losses for not going in for travel insurance. More than 36% of Americans say they had to take up the mandatory travel insurance for the COVID 19. 

The importance of travel insurance could be judged because some travel agents include travel insurance in their travel packages. Even some travel policies extend insurance coverage to rented equipment like rented cars and damage to personal property. Of all the procedures, the insurance more critical is for trip cancellation, or range of baggage and personal effects, interruption coverage accidental death, medical coverage, and flight accident coverage. The 24/7 emergency services include replacement of lost passport and cash wire assistance.

Because of the importance of travel insurance in this era, it is essential to know certain eventualities that must find their ways to travel insurance companies:

1: Interruption or Trip Cancellation Coverage

It is also known as trip delay insurance. Insurance is almost always a prepaid expense because you pay the premium for the happening or not have a future period. It is a non-refundable expense. If you have taken up a travel experience for this amount and something unforeseen acceptable incidence happens, the insurance company reimburses the traveler for these prepaid expenses. In such cases, interruption of the causes and acceptable cancellation form the criteria for reimbursement.

The common acceptable reasons may be sudden business conflict, death or severe illness in the immediate family, and weather-related issues. Trip cancellation can benefit you if you are paying more upfront than what you are comfortable paying. For instance, you pay upfront $2,000 for a tour package, and the cancellation policy is that only $100 is refundable upon cancellation.   In such a case, you will be reimbursed only $100, and there is no need to protect a refundable airline ticket. Trip cancellation coverage may not be adequate if you are traveling to an area that has been affected by severe weather events such as earthquakes or hurricanes.

2: Baggage and Personal Effects Coverage

This provision of travel insurance covers stolen or damaged belongings during a trip. The travel is to and from a destination. If the baggage or personal belonging is lost or damaged due to the mistake of the airlines, it will be reimbursed by the airlines. But there is a limitation stipulated on the total cost to be refunded. Therefore, there is an additional layer of protection on personal effects and baggage.

The loss and damage of personal belonging or baggage are prevalent factors. Because of this, the travel agency policies make payment for the loss of baggage only after other available claims are exhausted.

Your renter insurance or homeowners may extend loss and damage coverage even outside of your domicile, cruise lines, and airlines. Also, credit cards provide automatic protection for rental car accidents, tip-related expenses.

3: Short-Term and Major Medical Aids

Medical travel insurance policies are of two types 1: Short-term Medical and 2: Major Medical Coverage. According to the procedure, the former policies cover travelers for medical issues for a period from five days to one year. On the other hand, primary medical coverage covers the travelers for a period ranging from six months to one year or longer.

Medical coverage includes help to locate doctors, medical expenses, and locate healthcare facilities. The range may even help in obtaining foreign language services. The medical coverage varies with the facilities provided and the prices stipulated. Some providers may cover airlift travel for medical facilities, medical evacuation, and extended stay in foreign hospitals.

Some of the government does not pay for medical incurred abroad. For instance, medical insurance may cover Canada and the USA, but not Europe. So, the US government asks citizens to get it confirmed from the medical insurance providers prior to traveling abroad.

It may be sporadic to find any emergency travel medical coverage. You must read all the provisions and exclusions when you buy a policy, like pre-existing medical conditions. Most insurance companies adopt paying reasonable and customary hospital costs if you become ill while traveling. Significantly few insurance companies may pay for medical evacuation.

Medicare and Medicaid do not generally cover medical costs overseas.

4: Accidental Death

Flight Accidents may cause disability or severe injury to the travelers and family members accompanying them. This coverage is for accidents and deaths happening during flights on a licensed commercial airliner. As per the accident policy, the benefits are paid to the surviving beneficiaries in case of accidental death. But the exceptions are No unintentional death coverage is required if you are already covered under a life insurance policy. Benefits payable by your travel insurance cover will add the amount paid by the life insurance policy. 


Now that we have understand the different ways of utilizing travel insurance and its benefits, you should pledge never to go for a trip without a travel insurance, especially during this era of pandemic.

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