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Is YOUR surname on the list? THOUSANDS of unclaimed estates sitting idle | UK | News


When people die without a will or known blood relatives, the possessions in their name get passed to the Crown. A list of unclaimed estates is kept regularly updated to allow people to make claims. At the most recent count, 6,775 estates were on the list.

People in England and Wales could be entitled to inherit thousands of estates that sit unclaimed across the region.

When a person dies with no written will or known next-of-kin, their estate is transferred to the Crown, which holds it until it is claimed.

An estate can be of any kind – property, money or personal possessions.

They are kept for 30 years, after which they become the property of the Crown and Treasury.

Before then, any relatives who couldn’t be tracked down at the time of death can still make a claim on the estate, and potentially net a fortune.

The Government publishes a list of these unclaimed estates on a regular basis.

As of August 12, there were 6,775 unclaimed estates in England and Wales.

Since the start of this year, 384 have added to the list.

A total of 51 estates were added since the start of August alone.

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You can search the full register of unclaimed estates across the country using the table below:

Acting on behalf of the Crown, the Treasury Solicitor also collects the assets of dissolved companies and other ownerless goods.

Bona vacantia – meaning “vacant goods” in Latin – is the legal name given to ownerless property.

For most of England and Wales, the Bona Vacantia Division – part of the Government Legal Department – advertises new, unclaimed estates in order to track down entitled relatives.

In the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster, London-based law firm Farrer & Co deals with bona vacantia, as does the Queen’s and Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer in Scotland and the Crown Solicitor’s Office in Northern Ireland.

The Bona Vacantia List Twitter account also publishes the details of new list entries in real time.

Replying to an advert may mean you have to prove your relationship with the deceased using a birth, marriage or death certificate.

Private probate researchers, also known as heir hunters, often independently source bona vacantia estates at their own expense, recovering their fees via a commission-based agreement.

Although most-often legitimate, there have been a number of reports of heir hunters charging excessive fees or scamming members of the public.


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