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Large Determination, Easy Requesting – Ladies’ Fashion Online At About You

The adoration for shopping has a place with the ladylike the yolk to the egg. ABOUT YOU is extremely familiar with ladies’ fashion. A large choice of various labels offers you all that you want for your next outfit from A for attires to Z for zippers. Go in search of the latest things or leave yourself alone roused by classic cuts and models. Your arranged things will be conveyed to your home rapidly and advantageously. On the off chance that one of the items sometimes falls short for your taste, you can send it back for nothing.

Outerwear and jackets, ladies’ fashion according to your taste

Regardless of whether pullover, dress, or shirt at ABOUT you will find everything for your harmonious look. You don’t have to manage without a large determination of sizes and tones. Especially bright models make you want summer. 

With the prudent tops, you cut a decent figure in autumn and winter. So you don’t freeze in the virus season, you can arrange the right jacket at the same time. Innovative features, for example, a detachable internal covering, thick hoods, or an extra tailored fit make the jackets and coats an absolute should-have for your wardrobe.

Stylish Robe For The Leg

Do you want pants for a particular occasion or simply want to fill your wardrobe? Then, at that point, take a glance at ABOUT YOU. The large choice of pants incorporates stylish beau jeans as well as classic pants. All brands offer you the chance to discover your pant size with the assistance of a size advisor. Essentially enter the size of your past pants and find the manufacturer-explicit size of a particular model at the bit of a button. It really couldn’t be any more straightforward.

Essential for each lady.

Regardless of whether high heels, sneakers, or siphons, shoes just apply a magical attraction to ladies. You can track down suitable models for spring, summer, autumn, and winter at ABOUT YOU. The vivid plans spark your interest in the warm season. With boots, you are warm and comfortable even in autumn and winter.

Accessories As The Delegated Greatness For Your Outfit

What might ladies’ fashion be without accessories? Gems, sunglasses, hats, and bags transform the most drilling basics into a great outfit. On the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning your request, please utilize the ABOUT YOU advise administration. He is available to you on 0800/30 15 085* Free hotline: Mon – Fri 8am – 10pm, Sat-Sun 9am – 8pm.

About You’s Vision

They accept that everybody should have a decent outlook on communicating their thoughts. They just accept individuals as they are and want to help them to communicate their personality through fashion – because fashion can uphold individuals to stand out and have a place at the same time. ABOUT YOU wants to encourage individuals to do this by moving them with a variety of individuals, brands, and styles.

B2B Solutions

At ABOUT YOU, they are driven by the passion to always foster the best items. They always want to be the first and share the information to fabricate solid, long-haul partnerships. That’s the reason they offer ABOUT YOU Tech Services as an adaptable API answer for online retailers as well as ABOUT YOU Brand Relations and Retail Media for natively integrated advertising choices for external partners.

Market and Expansion

ABOUT YOU is one of the fastest developing web-based business companies in Europe. The fashion online shop is at present active in ten European markets. And their development proceeds…

About You’s Company Culture

It is important to us to create a comprehensive and rousing workplace for their team. Each and all of us add to the vibrant culture of ABOUT company and subsequently to the personality of Their brand. As a different group with assorted qualities and aptitude, they seek after a typical vision that permanently impacts the corporate culture, the brand, and the way they maintain their business.

About brand quintessence results from their corporate culture. It should feel great to show yourself legally. They want to advance acceptance for other people and themselves and advance a comprehensive, fair, and circular fashion culture. You can discover more about their vision and its attitude in their culture booklet.

About You At A glance

About You is one of the fastest developing web-based business companies in Europe and Hamburg’s first unicorn starting around 2018. As a fashion and innovation company, it is the goal, along with their ambitious team, to digitize the classic shopping binge by offering an arousing and personalized shopping experience on the smartphone.

That’s the reason they established ABOUT YOU, Europe’s first shopping destination, where clients can find fashion from a range of more than 2,000 brands that suits their personality. By reliably zeroing in on personalization, inspiration, and portable shopping, ABOUT YOU generated sales of EUR 1.17 billion in the 2020/21 financial year, making it one of the largest online fashion retailers in Germany today.

Get Everything Moving For The Moving Image

As a creative team, they are answerable for the implementation of all ABOUT YOU video and photograph creations. Along with the brand marketing and brand creation team, they realize all content for classic and innovative marketing formats. As Brand Production, they are part of the Brand and Advertising department and guarantee the steady and innovative communication of ABOUT YOU.

Foster Campaigns And win clients

They foster marketing strategies and produce content, occasions, and items for their brand and cooperation with partner brands. In the Activation Marketing Department, they foster seasonal, sale, and nation launch campaigns. The Brand and Activation Management has a place with the Brand and Advertising department and guarantees the steady and innovative communication of ABOUT YOU.

Compose Fashion Story

As a substance team, who are always modern with regards to the latest fashion, way of life, sports, and development themes. They give their clients invigorating substance in the ABOUT YOU online shops, About the app, and on your social media channels. They also organize and configure film and photographs go for 16 nations.

Gives Brands A Face

As a powerhouse marketing team, they search for the right faces for internal and external: they track down talent and foster communication ideas for joint creations with different brands, occasions, and sponsorship. In addition, they tie forces to be reckoned with to their mega-occasions, for example, the ABOUT YOU Awards, the ABOUT YOU Fashion Week, or the ABOUT YOU Pangea Festival, and work on our music projects.

New Experiences And Impulses For About Customers

With national and international undertakings, for example, the ABOUT YOU Awards, the ABOUT YOU Fashion Week as well as many powerhouse and launch occasions they create an extraordinarily large reach. They see ABOUT YOU as an entertainment and media brand with direct contact with the local area, which can also be utilized for internal and external stakeholders.



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