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Media Expert; Know Why It Is Special

About media expert

Media Expert is a powerfully creating organization of electromagnets, present on the Polish market for north of 15 years. Our proposition is constantly refreshed with the most recent patterns. Media specialists sell, among others, brilliant TVs, workstations, tablets, cell phones, visual hardware, gadgets, and domestic devices, and in chose stores additionally bikes, bikes, quads, power apparatuses, unwinding gear, and nursery care hardware. Media specialists are an innovator in neighborhood markets, offering clients the biggest choice of buyer gadgets at the least cost.

Media Expert is perhaps the biggest brand in the hardware, domestic devices, and Multimedia businesses in Poland, broadly valued by clients, which is affirmed, among others, by the Grand Prix Consumer Laurel 2019 in the RTV/home devices class. The lofty honor was allowed for the execution of the best expectations as far as administration and individual way to deal with every customer, just as the engaging quality of the deal and advancement. Media Expert was likewise granted the 2019 Service Quality Star. For the comfort of their clients, they give transport and administration, removal of old hardware, various advancements, and the execution of individual orders. They likewise got comparative honors and differentiation in earlier years.

A media expert is a leader 

Media Expert is a progressively creating organization of electrical stores, present on the Polish market for more than 10 years. It offers the most recent items: shrewd TVs, workstations, tablets, cell phones, photographs, customer gadgets, and in certain stores likewise bikes, bikes, quads, energy gadgets, unwinding hardware, and nursery care gear.

Media Expert is an innovator in neighborhood markets, offering clients a huge choice of domestic devices and gadgets at the most minimal costs.

Why is media expert special?

Media Expert is one of the largest brands of the industry, household appliances and multimedia in Poland, highly appreciated by customers, as evidenced in particular by the Grand Prix Luxurious Consumer Laurel 2013. The award was granted for the implementation of the highest standards service and individual approach to each customer attractiveness of offers and promotions, as well as responsibility for the natural environment for the convenience of customers and provided transport services, disposal of old equipment, numerous promotions, and individual orders. Media Expert pays special attention to the security of purchases and transactions. The brand’s strategic partners in the context of installment services are reputable and proven financial institutions, such as Credit Agricole Bank Polska SA and Santander Consumer Bank SA

What is a Media Expert Gift Card and where can it be purchased?

It is a plastic prepaid card with a serial number and a barcode, issued to the bearer. The purchase and redemption of the card are possible only in stationary retail stores of the Media Expert network. At the time of purchase, the Gift Card may be topped up with any value valid for 36 months from the date of purchase and topping up. The funds available on the Gift Card can be used to complete the purchase of any equipment and services offered by Media Expert stationary retail stores. It is issued to the bearer and can therefore be passed on to other people many times. The Gift Card can be used freely by the person who currently has it.

Warranty Plus insurance by media expert

A wide range of available insurance options allows you to choose the scope of coverage tailored to your individual needs. In the event of a hardware failure, they guarantee a cashless repair. In justified cases, the equipment will be replaced with a new one Your equipment will be repaired in the event of:

• failure applies to the “Warranty Plus” variant and the “Warranty Plus Full Protection” variant,

• mechanical damage resulting from a mishap applies to the variants “Warranty Plus Full Protection” and “Accidental damage”.

Warranty Plus Full Protection and accidental damage

1. Arranging and covering the cost of repairing or replacing equipment that has been damaged by a power surge.

2. Replacement for new equipment in the event of theft, break-in, or robbery.

3. Replacement for new equipment, if the retail price of the equipment is not more than PLN 300.

4. Coverage of the costs of purchase of defrosted food up to the amount of PLN 300 in a situation where the defrosting occurred as a result of failure or accidental damage to the insured refrigeration equipment.

Note! The equipment will be replaced with a new one when:

• the repair of the equipment is technically impossible or economically unjustified,

• the insured equipment has been lost as a result of theft with break-in or robbery.



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