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Plus; The Best Dutch Food Market

Plus is an important player in the Dutch food market with 270 supermarkets. The Plus Retail store has a serviced office in Utrecht, 3 regional distribution centers in Haaksbergen, Ittervoort, and Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, and a nationwide distribution center in Middenbeemster.

The Formula Plus

Plus is the cooperative home for 229 separate Plus supermarket entrepreneurs and their 268 supermarkets. Plus is at the forefront of developments around good food and can respond to this in a relevant way. Plus distinguishes itself from other supermarkets in this because it is large enough to make a difference and small enough to be flexible. Local supermarket entrepreneurs play an important role in plus their service and involvement they are connected to the neighborhood.

Mission Of Plus

Plus is a cooperative of proud supermarket entrepreneurs. Their common goal is sustainable business operations in which the customer comes first and the focus is on good food, for everyone every day.

History Of Plus

The entrepreneurial cooperative ‘de Sperwer’ UA has a long, rich history. In the twenties of the last century, there were already dozens of grocers’ cooperatives and the demand arose for a national purchasing association. Together, the cooperatives looked for their trademark, which they could also use as an article brand.

Retail Plus Store

Plus retail store is a suitable placebo used for independent supermarket entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, with sustainable business functions as a familiar goal.

It is the supermarket formula with which plus Holding BV manifests itself in the market.

Plus is a member of Superunie. This purchasing organization represents approximately 30 percent of the market. Distribution to the Plus supermarkets takes place from three regional distribution centers (fast movers groceries) and three national distribution centers (fresh, frozen, and slow movers groceries). The Plus Holding BV also has a 45 percent interest in Spar Holding BV.

The entrepreneurs’ cooperative ‘De Sperwer UA’ consists of a group of 227 independent entrepreneurs with a total of 260 supermarkets that operate under the Plus formula. In 2017, the Plus entrepreneurs realized a consumer turnover of 2.4 billion euros and a market share of 6.4 percent.

My Plus Panel

Plus believes it is important to listen carefully to its customers. They are therefore very curious about your opinion and appreciation of your Plus supermarket.

Why join?

You can contribute to improving the quality of the Plus formula in general and your Plus supermarket in particular by giving us your opinion. They regularly inform you about important results or developments via my plus panel. In addition, you regularly receive a voucher for a nice plus product and they raffle plus gift vouchers among their participants.

How does my plus panel work

Four to five times a year they will contact you by e-mail for participation in a survey. You can conclude the Plus questionnaire at any time that suits you the best. If you are not able to participate, that is no problem. Hopefully, you will join us again next time.

What does Plus use my answers for?

Based on your answers, Plus gains insight into the assessment of Plus as a formula and all Plus supermarkets. They use the results, among other things, to determine their policy as a ‘Plus formula’, but certainly also to determine specific points for attention per store. In this way, you help its entrepreneurs to become the best supermarket in the Netherlands.

Plus Gift Card

The Plus Gift Card is a practical gift card for everyone. Plus is easy to top up with an amount of your choice.

How does it work?

  1. Choose a Plus Gift Card and combine it with the gift packaging of your choice.
  2. At the cash register, you top up the card with an amount between 2.50 euros and 150 euros.
  3. Your Plus card is activated and ready to use.
  4. Envelop the Plus card and offer it as a gift.

How much credit does your card contain?

Have you got a Plus Gift Card and want to know how much balance is on your card? You quickly can!

View your balance easily online. 

Take your plus card with you to the money register or service desk of your Plus and have your car checked. You can instantly see how much balance is left on your Plus card. The credit on the Plus Gift Card is useful for 36 months from the date of purchase of the plus card.

Credit cannot be exchanged for cash. You do not hold to use up your credit in one go. If you don’t have adequate credit on your card for your investment, you can pay in another way.

The game rules

With the plus gift card, you can pay at every Plus store. The credit on Plus gift card is useful for a maximum of 36 months and can be used in installments, but cannot be used instead of cash.

Cake and pastries at Plus

Something to celebrate? A special occasion or just like that? Celebrate with pastries! Bakers at Plus prepare fresh cakes, pies, and pastries every day. The daily fresh pastry is therefore really fresh. And you can taste it! Crispy bottoms, soft fillings, and fresh fruit: at Plus for every cake is a party!

You can order your cake or pastry at Plus in two ways.

  • Home delivery (standard range of cakes and pastries)
  • Pick up in your Plus (extensive range of more luxurious cakes, pies pastries, and photo cakes)

Have cake and pastry delivered at home

Do you order your groceries online more often and do you want your pastries delivered at home? Which can! You can order a selection of cakes and pies with your online order. Here you will find a selection of standard cakes and pastries such as apple pie, whipped cream Schnittke, profiteroles, apricot pie, or pudding rolls. you will find more than 90 different cakes and pastries. Think of an extensive range of pies, various photo cakes, petit fours, large cakes (30 persons), beautiful layer cakes, and gluten-free caramel shortcakes. But you can also easily order whipped cream schnitte, tompouces, or a box with various small pastries via and pick it up at your Plus when it suits you. Placed your order before noon? Then you can pick it up the next day!

Pick up photo cakes and photo pastry at your Plus

Want to make your experience even more memorable? Then give your treat a personal touch! you can personalize many different cakes or pastries with your photo or image. Photo cakes are already available for 12.99 euros (for 9 people). In addition to cakes, they also have petit fours and tompouces in the Plus range that you can personalize with, for example, a photo or a logo.

Order cake in store

You can also simply order your cake or pastry in the store at their bread and pastry department. Download the order list here and hand it to the bread and pastry department. Plus ensure that your order is ready in your Plus on the agreed date.



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