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Sky Glass Review; Cost, Design, Setup, User Experience, And Features

At this point, you doubtlessly probably knew about Sky Glass, such is the might of the Sky advertising machine. Indeed, even the Sky Sports football pundits need to specify it as a feature of their routine.

Sky TV platform that is conveyed completely over the web and along these lines liberated from a satellite dish. But at the same time, it’s, for the present, in any event, a TV, as the best way to get the Sky Glass service is to purchase a Sky Glass TV that has it implicit.

Sky Glass cost

The Sky Glass TV is accessible in three distinct sizes – Small, Medium, and Large.

The eye-popping £13 each month figure is for the Small Sky Glass model, paid for north of four years. Maths whizzkids may have seen that £13 times 48 doesn’t rise to £649. There is a £10 forthright installment yet, that being said, the all-out cost paid is £634. That is not an error: it’s less expensive over the long haul to pay month to month for the TV than to pay for it in one go.

TV upholds HDR and Dolby Atmos, you want to pay an additional £5 each month to add them to your Sky membership. That these aren’t important for the center Sky Glass service appears to be silly.

And keeping in mind that Sky Ultimate incorporates Sky TV channels, for example, Sky Atlantic and Sky Max, it does exclude Sports or Cinema, which will cost you an additional £25 and £11 individually, would it be a good idea for you need them. Sky Kids is £5 extra also.

To have Sky Glass in more than one room, you want to pay an additional £10 each month, in addition to a £50 one-off installment for each Sky Stream Puck – this is the gadget you want to add Sky Glass to a standard TV. You can go for a long time to Glass TVs as opposed to going down the Puck course. However, no, you can’t buy the Puck without a Sky Glass TV it’s expected as a multi-room arrangement, however, we suspect (and trust) that will change later on.

One of Sky Glass’ key selling focuses is its blend of content from bunches of other real-time features, like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, however (except for Netflix, which is incorporated with the Sky Ultimate bundle) you need to pay independently for those memberships, similarly as with some other TV.

Sky Glass Design

Like an item, the Sky Glass TV is truly great. Instead of going for a drastically slim design, Sky has settled on a chunkier, more rakish, and all the more stunningly modern frame. The set was continually going to be very thick, on account of its mix of the direct-illuminated LCD screen and six-speaker Dolby Atmos sound framework (more on both beneath), yet Sky has reasonably decided to accept that, creating a TV that has the vibe of brilliant photo placement.

Divider mounting will additionally upgrade the photo placement appearance, and the Sky Glass TV has a coordinated mounting arrangement that holds the TV practically flush to the divider. Those putting the TV on the furniture will appreciate the position of safety platform remains, with its moderately minimized impression. It’s just a disgrace that the covered-up ‘neck’ of the stand doesn’t consider the set to turn, which is the thing that the design proposes.

The frame is developed utilizing anodized aluminum and is accessible in five distinct shadings – white, dark, green, blue, or pink. The woven acoustic cross-section that covers the speakers underneath the screen can be shade-matched to the metal edge or can be purchased in a differentiating tone. Designs including a wide range of dynamic tones will likewise be made accessible some time in the future.


Sky Glass Features

The panel of the Sky Glass TV is provided by TPV, one of the world’s biggest panel creators. It consolidates the quantum speck innovation made well known by Samsung’s QLED TVs with an immediate LED backdrop illumination. Maybe obviously, Sky will not be drawn on particulars, for example, the quantity of diminishing zones Sky Glass has, or its pinnacle splendor figures.

One of the Sky Glass TV’s more dubious features sees the TV turn on naturally when you go into the room, showing fullscreen banners for suggested shows and films. This isn’t a feature to which we’re especially drawn – a lounge room is utilized for undeniably more than just TV-watching, so the way that the Sky Glass TV promptly requests your consideration as you stroll in appears to be fairly upsetting. Sky says that later on this feature could be utilized for showing work of art, photographs and the sky is the limit from there, in the vein of Samsung’s Ambient Mode, and maybe we’ll appreciate it all the more than, at that point. Meanwhile, the feature can essentially be turned off, and, indeed, it doesn’t appear to work by any stretch of the imagination on our audit test.

Just as a movement sensor, there are additionally two far-field mouthpieces incorporated very high Glass TV’s suspension. These consider full without hands activity of the TV. It will go on to the ‘hi Sky’ wake expression, and you can then play out a wide range of capacities through voice, including stopping and rewinding content, looking for explicit shows and films, changing the volume, and finding all of the matches including your cherished football crew. Assuming you try to avoid the possibility of the TV continually paying attention to you, you can switch the suspension coordinated receivers off and afterward just utilize the button-worked one that is incorporated into the controller.

Sky Glass Setup And User Experience

Sky glass needs the set up of Sky Glass to be as calm as could be expected, so your set isn’t just conveyed – it’s unpackaged, set up, set ready, and connected. You can take a load off, and in the blink of an eye at all, you’ll be good to go. The driver will even remove the box except if you ask them not to.

Also when you in all actuality do get moving, you’ll see that the user experience is similar to that of Sky Q, yet all the same slicker and more snappy. Suggestions are as yet positioned upfront on the Home screen, and these are chosen dependent on various variables, including general fame, your review history, and season of day. Believe it or not, during our experience with the set it’s principally felt as though Sky is truly pushing its enormous new shows here, yet it’s more than conceivable that the proposals will improve once Sky Glass has been lived with for longer.


One new feature specifically noteworthy is ‘Playlist’. Assuming you observe something you are keen on, press the ‘+’ button on the remote and it will be added to a devoted Playlist segment for survey at your recreation. Assuming that it’s a TV series, each episode will be assembled in one spot – regardless of whether some are facilitated on one service and the lay on another. It’s a perfect feature at the same time, let’s be honest, one that should as of now be on Sky Q. It seems as though it could be coming to the more seasoned Sky platform, and Fraser Stirling, the organization’s Group Chief Product Officer, has recommended that it will positively be added to the Sky Go app.



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