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Smart TV V/s. Chromecast – What’s The Difference?

With the entry of smart TV in the market, entertainment is a full-time multimedia experience. The TV has changed from passive recreation activity to a very active one. In the initial stage, the TV was kept in one corner of the room and was viewed for a couple of hours. 

Many people wonder about the difference between Chromecast and smart TV. Not everybody is tech-savvy. The users are from all sections of society. Some are those who left studies long back and are busy with raising the family. The Smart TV makes use of apps without obstruction to the device.  Shop Now on Alternate

Google started with two versions of media-streaming devices, namely the Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast for Google TV. Chromecast transmits content from smartphones, tablets, or laptops to the installed TV. Chromecast does not offer channels, but it can be connected to compatible web or smartphone apps to cast on the TV screen. It is easy to operate both technological devices. Smart TVs are manufactured by several companies the brand name size and other specifications may differ. 

The Usefulness of Chromecast!

  • Chromecast entered the market in 2013. It is built into several top smart TVs.
  • It is mostly a wireless link between you and a monitor or a TV display. 
  • A Chromecast can put new life in older generation TV. 
  • You can access properly locked content like a TV in a hotel that charges money to watch movies or shows.
  • You can download Chromecast through the Google Home app.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your Chromecast.
  • Pick content service of your liking. When the show or movie starts, tap the casting icon in the corner of the screen, and it begins to stream to the TV. 
  • The mobile works as a remote. 
  • Chromecast shares the same screen with video sharing TV technology, even on the big screen from a laptop, mobile, or tablet.
  • It is easy to carry and use
  • Simply plugin to HDMI port powered by a USB cable and link to Wi-Fi, and streaming begins. 
  • Once configured, you can stream audio and video wirelessly on the bigger screen. 
  • As the Chromecast is paired with the internet link, your phone gets the allotted shared URL of the content. The procedure is instant and unlikely to face delays. 
  • Can view OTT content including sports, music
  • Play phone games on the TV.
  • It requires a strong Wi-Fi connection to deliver streams that do not buffer. 
  • A new software update is giving a lot of improvements to the Chromecast with google TV.
  • At present, the new version of Google Chromecast is being challenged with at par budget the Fire TV Stick 4k Max and Roku Streaming Stick 4K as a replacement.
  • Chromecast technology is part of the Android TV operating system.
  • The little dongle within a budget compact device permits you to enjoy your favorite media on tv or monitor, so a long Wi-Fi link is there. 
  • Thus, Chromecast functions as a bridge between your TV and your phone or tablet. The power is received from USB input, the adapter Google bundles in the box. 
  • The services which deny cast support are, for instance, Prime Video. It is so because Amazon has its Chromecast competitor known as Fire TV. 

Smart TV

A smart TV is a television set that links to the internet and permits users to use services such as video streaming, web browsing, surfing, or even gaming. 

The spotlight in smart TV is the added feature of loading or accessing extra content that comes through the internet. 

You can link your smart TV to the internet. Moreover, this TV model has various apps, but the common factor in all is YouTube, Netflix, and web browser. The choice of available apps can alter with models.  

When you buy a smart TV, be assured you will not require any extra device. The procedure is to link the TV with the internet. Once the menu is displayed on the TV, you can find all the apps it has to offer. Link the TV to the cable to your modem and enjoy the experience of seeing many serials and news.

It was in 2013 that google introduced Chromecast in the market. At that time, normal TVs were in vogue. The small compact dongle was installed wirelessly to cast smartphone apps to the TV. For instance, you can run YouTube videos using a smartphone on the TV screen. The process is that the Chromecast gadget downloads video and is played on the TV screen. 

Over time, smart TV made an entry into the market. As of now, smart TVs are affordable and bigger screen is also available. Entire OTT content, such as Netflix, YouTube, etc., can be run directly through the TV app. You do not need google Chromecast for seeing OTT content through mobile. 

Smart TVs are of two varieties, namely Android and Smart. There is a difference in its interface and the offer of apps. However, both have popular programs such as Netflix, YouTube, etc. Smart TVs and smart TV platforms have brought in a new era. The device combines all the advantages of free-to-air and pays-TV with the limitless ability of the internet streaming content. 

  • A Smart TV can be connected to the internet. 
  • This TV has a platform with apps, games, and other applications
  • The apps may differ, but YouTube, Netflix, and web browser is there
  • Samsung has Smart Hub, which operates on Tizen; LG uses WebOS 2.0 and WebOS 3.0. TVs of companies like Sony Philips’s work with Android TV. 

The Difference!

The pay-tv companies give you the option of on-demand program selection. Not all free channels are free. Chromecast you can watch at your convenience through a smart TV. Or streaming stick. On don’t have to swap remotes to view all this. 

Smart TVs are available with remote controls, but the good thing is the smartphone compatibility. Download an app and link to the Wi-Fi network, and the TV control will be in the palm of your hand through your mobile phone.

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