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Style Your Hair With These Chic Hair Products!

Getting all dolled up for the big day, whether it’s your own or your closest friends, is always thrilling. Apart from wearing eye-catching attire, you must also select fabulous accessories to add glitter. Hairstyles are also important. And a traditional bun, or even a sloppy one, to liven up your ethnic style is one of the all-time favorite trends. Buy Now on Lookfantastic

A basic bun will not suffice. To go with your opulent wedding gowns, you’ll need glitzy accessories. It’s easy to become perplexed when so many options for styling your bun on the market, but it is simple when you know what to look for. Don’t be concerned! We’re here to assist you in selecting the most fashionable ones for your bun. 

#1: Use Hair Pins

If your hair continues falling out when you try to wear it up, grab a hairpin and try hairdresser Ammon Carver’s “locking” method. Stick the open end of the pin into your hair in the direction your hair is being tugged. 

Rotate the pan just before it’s placed, so the open end is facing the same direction as your hair, and then fully insert it to secure it. When done correctly, the pin will pull your hair tighter while virtually undetectable.

#2: Step Up Your Ponytail

This ponytail method is the fastest and easiest way to make your updo appear like it was done by an expert rather than someone who tossed it up themselves. After you’ve secured your ponytail, take a sliver of hair from the pony (approximately the width of your pinky) and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to hide the elastic. 

Apply hairspray to the very end of the segment and smooth it against the base to secure it. If it makes you feel better, a hairpin can be inserted into the ground to ensure that it is securely fastened.

#3: Tug on Your Waves

Have you ever twisted your hair too tightly around your wand or held it on the barrel for too long, resulting in a style you didn’t intend to achieve? That’s OK, too. Simple fix: Gently tug on the end of the curl a few times as it cools to loosen the ringlet. It’s a simple style method for achieving loose beachy waves.

#4: Pineapple Your Curls

“Pineapple” is the style method you need to attempt to make your curls seem full and bouncy, whether you’re trying to air-dry them or protect them while you sleep. It will keep your curls from becoming matted or stretching out. Gather your hair on top of your head and bind it loosely with a scrunchie. Remove the scrunchie in the morning or after your curls are dry and you’re ready to go.

#5: Make Your Own Salt Spray

Hairstylist Ryan Trygstad suggests making your salt spray at home if you haven’t found the one you like. Combine 20 ounces of seltzer water in a spray bottle and a teaspoon of sea salt. Spritz the mixture into the ends of your hair while it’s still moist, and then scrunch them up with your fingers.

#6: Do a Fishtail Braid

Start by tying your hair in a low ponytail to hold it in place while you braid (this is especially crucial if you have a haircut with angles or layers, as your hair isn’t all the same length and can quickly come undone.) Remove the hair tie at the base once you’ve completed braiding. 

You may muss it up a little with your fingers if you want a messier fishtail, but having a firm foundation as the base of your braid will keep it from breaking apart during the day.

#7: Prop Up Your Pony

If your low ponytail needs some help, get out your treasured bobby pins (if you can locate them) and attempt this approach. Lift the tail and bobby pin two or three bobby pins into the base once you’ve secured your hair into a ponytail. Then fluff your ponytail to hide the bobby pins on the other side. The result is a fuller tail that isn’t sagging or drooping.

#8: Create Flat-Iron Curls

When you don’t have room to take a curling wand, curling iron, and flat iron, learning to curl your hair using a straightened is a significant game-changer. With that stated, it isn’t quite self-explanatory, so let me explain. To begin, take a tiny part of your hair. Then, hold your flat iron vertically with the open end pointed above. Begin turning your hair away from your face as you clamp it with the iron. 

Allow the hair to gently glide through the clamp as you rotate the iron away from your face until you reach the end. (The idea is to maintain the motions smooth and not halt for long periods of time; otherwise you’ll get kinks and wrinkles.) Reduce the heat on your flat iron and brush them out once you’ve completed curling for looser waves.

#9: Fill In Your Part

If you’re seeking a technique to make your hair seem thicker, take a makeup brush and a matching eye shadow and use it to color your scalp and give the illusion of more hair. This method not only works in real life, but it’s also unnoticeable in photographs. This tip may also be used to fill in your part and polish your hairline—it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

#10: Make Your Bun Stay Up

Don’t you have a hair tie or a clip? There’s no problem. With a sliver of your hair, you can make your bun remain up on its own. Pull a strand of hair from the side of your head to form a loose loop once your hair is wrapped into a bun the way you want it. Then, to keep the bun in place, pull the sliver of hair over and around it.

#11: Get Beach Waves with a Flat Iron

Try this somewhat more straightforward flat-iron beach wave style as you work on mastering flat-iron curls—a clampdown on a short portion of hair at the roots with the flat iron held horizontally. Then, as you proceed along with the piece of hair, flick your wrist upward and downward in an alternating rhythm to produce delicate bends.

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