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Tele2; One Of The Most Main Operator In Europe

What Is Tele2?

TELE2 is one of the most main operators in Europe. In Lithuania, the organization offers cell and constant communication, statistics transmission, smart TV, and content material services. 1.9 million humans use the company’s services. consumers. Since 2000 The cellular operator, which commenced operations in 2006, quickly grew to be the market chief and is one of the few examples in the world the place the business enterprise rises from the lowest function to the first location in its sector.

  • REVENUE 26,554billion
  • EMPLOYEES 4.295fearless employees
  • CARBON NEUTRAL 100% within their operations
  • 50/50 their long-term ambition

Sustainability At Tele2

The indispensable notion for Tele2’s sustainability method is to center of attention their efforts on areas the place the nature of their enterprise and offerings approves them to maximize their impact. Tele2 firmly trusts sustainability efforts ought to go hand in hand with the core operations of a business. That is how businesses and corporations can maximize their contributions to an extra sustainable society at large.

Diversity & Inclusion At Tele2

Tele2 strives for an established, numerous, and inclusive subculture throughout all of its business. Differences are identified and valued so that absolutely everyone can operate at their best. Tele2 certainly agrees that range fuels to motion and creativity.

With the ambition to be the smartest telco in the world, Tele2 comprehends that the greater various they are, the smarter it turns out to be when they mix tele2’s efforts. As such, Tele2 welcomes the variety from all perspectives: Sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, generation, background, disabilities, experiences, and more.

By bringing collectively people from numerous backgrounds and presenting every individual with possibilities to improve their skills, they try to supply the exceptional patron experience, supply exceptional shareholder fees, and have rather engaged employees.

A Short And Interesting Journey Of Tele2

Tele2’s dedication to range and inclusion is a lengthy and interesting journey. Despite its efforts so far, they have nevertheless an awful lot greater work to do. As such, Tele2 set clear ambitions and particular aims every year, to make positive Tele2 can measure their efforts and upgrades so far.

Ambition Of Tele2

Tele2’s goal is to construct an inclusive surrounding the place various intelligence can operate at their best, and at the equal time, a gender-balanced body of workers with 40% girls and 60% men throughout all levels* by using 2023.

How Do Customers Expense On Tele2?

The Consumers’ Association assesses cellular subscriptions from companies such as Tele2 for the number of disruptions, the great of the community, and the web speed.

Every month, with 8,000-panel participants file. How many disruptions there had been with cellular calling, texting, and the use of the internet. And each quarter they point out how comfortable they are with their provider. Tele2 decides the take a look at ratings on the groundwork of this data.



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