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Top 10 Places With Magnificent View That You Shouldn’t Miss Out!

There aren’t enough words to describe the earth’s beauty. There are various marvellous places to see around the planet that even life wouldn’t be enough to do so! The magnificent views, adventurous journey, and relaxed mood are awaited in the upcoming holidays. One shouldn’t afford to miss out on these places! Therefore, we have come up with a list of Top 10 beautiful places.  Love holidays is the best sites for travel

1. Dubrovnik in Croatia 

At the top of our list is the beautiful city of Dubrovnik in Croatia. Croatia is a country in Europe. It tops the list of lovely places. You must have a visit to the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia. It is situated in the south of Croatia and is a famous sight. This city is primarily known as a historic town. It has also been on the World Heritage List of UNESCO since 1979. Its museums and beautiful sights have been attracting people worldwide for ages. 

The city wall here adds to the attraction of Dubrovnik. The wall surrounds the city with a distance of about 2 km. While walking along the wall, you can enjoy the beautiful view over the blue sea and red roofs. There are fantastic beaches of Dubrovnik that are unique in their way. It is best suited for the upcoming summer vacation. You can spend a fine evening with a book and scenic beaches with lively blue sea, pebbles and fantastic flair. 

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Amsterdam is a popular destination on the list of many. It is a breathtaking site on earth. It has a unique allure. There is a lot to see around the city. Every season in Amsterdam adds glam to the town as it offers something different; one can’t get bored here. There is enough one would admire in the city. Tulip fields in spring lit up the countryside. Summer is all about other flowers and the sun. Fall is marked by the withered leaves falling, romanticising the surrounding alongside the canal. In winters, it is a perfect chill. 

3. Lake Bled, Slovenia 

Lake Bled is one of the most heavenly places in Slovenia. Located half an hour away from Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia in the Julian Alps sees a significant no. of visitors every year. The small island, called Bled Island, is in the centre of the lake with the Alps as 

One can visit the island by taking a boat ride by renting a rowboat, or taking a traditional Pletna boat. After reaching the island, you can see the Church there. After that, you can go up to the clock tower. There’s also a castle on a hill called Bland castle from where you can have a scenic view over the lake and the town of Bled. 

4. Prague 

Prague is a dreamy fairytale city that can snatch your heart in all the seasons. It is situated in central Europe. It tops the list of prettiest places around the world. If you are wondering about the city’s speciality, then its marvellous historical architecture of Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic, and Art Nouveau will steal your heart. 

Eye-catching bridges, towers, the Vltava River are the key features of Prague’s horizon. It’s undoubtedly a must-lived experience. Besides sightseeing, there’s a lot to explore in the city. The picturesque spots are scattered all around Prague. For the perfect Instagram shot, walk in the New World Area near Prague Castle.

5. Paris, France

Who doesn’t know about the romantic city of Paris? It is a romantic and sweet place to visit. This famous city of love, Paris, is the capital of France. Paris is a dream place for many as its beautiful songs are sung all around. There are many lovely streets, tall, beautiful buildings, usual Parisian cafes, etc. 

How can one miss out on the Eiffel Tower?  It is beautiful in reality! In Paris, you must visit the Champs-Elysées and the Arc de Triomphe. 

6. Blue Moon Valley 

The Blue Moon Valley is located in Yunnan Province of China. It is known as the beauty of China. It’s straightforward to reach there. Ponds, ice-blue lakes, impressive waterfalls, and cascades are one of the most talked-about beauties in China. It’s doubtlessly wonderful; one would never regret visiting here. It’s China’s A+ sight.

The Blue Moon Valley is near the UNESCO town of Lijiang. It reaches Jade Dragon Snow, a scenic mountain area. Lijiang offers affordable accommodation to fit every budget. Numerous minibuses start from the Mao statue in the city of Lijiang. 

7. Petra, Jordan 

Petra is a picturesque spot, well-known for its beauty in the Middle East. It’s a rose-coloured place from 400 BC. It’s sculpted into a cliff face. There’s a lot to keep oneself busy in the city through adventurous activities like hiking, tracking; there’s a need to search and discover them according to your taste. 

Petra is a blessing for travel photographers. For an exclusive experience, walk around the mountains, you would get to see caves and many intricate dwellings there. One can also visit the Monastery, which is a serene place away from the city. 

You can visit the Treasury by candlelight to get a magical experience. If you are landing at the international airport in Amman city, it is a 3+hour route to Petra. After that, another 30-minute walking distance from there to the Treasury. You can stay at Movenpick Resort Petra there. 

8. Cairns, Australia

A fantastic coastal destination, Cairns is located along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. One shouldn’t miss visiting this place. 

Cairns are the perfect example of where the ocean and rainforest meet. It is located in north Queensland on the east coast of Australia. The city has many attractions, sources of entertainment, many family activities, like an accessible lagoon for swimming, and lifeguards are also there for safety. 

Village of Kuranda is a short drive from the city to the rainforest-covered mountains. You can stay in any hotel near the Marlin Marina. They are closely situated to all the attractions, restaurants, and ocean scenery. You can easily find the best food there, including some top seafood platters. 

9. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Another beautiful place to visit is the Grand Canyon in Arizona, which is located in the United States. It is popularly known as one of the deepest canyons in the United States and the world. It is in the list of the Seven Wonders of the World. It’s a convenient spot for vacations for all types of travellers. It is honestly a must-visit place. 

It took the mighty Colorado River hundreds of years to build this canyon into the beautiful art today. The canyon offers various things to do and see. 

10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Rio de Janeiro is among the top magical places in the world. It is located in the south of Brazil. It is perfectly defined with samba bars, beaches, and palatable food. The urban trend blended with beautiful nature can be seen here. It’s hardly possible that any traveller had not been fascinated by its beauty. One can do a beach vacation, a cultural trip, or outdoor activities. 

You can feed yourself with various specialities of Brazil; many small vendors and restaurants are serving fantastic food and drinks. Certain fruit juices are a must-take. Going for a sour soup juice is a preferred choice. There are excellent shops, restaurants, and fresh vibes. 


There are many options available to see the beautiful wonders around the world. You can choose according to your interest. Search before visiting any place. Climatic condition, mood, the top visiting sites, hotels, and restaurants need to be searched well before deciding upon the location. 

We have provided the list of top beautiful destinations one shouldn’t miss out on if planning a vacation. These places will steal your heart and leave an indelible impression on your mind. Make your experience magical by keeping in mind some safety travel tips.



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