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Top 10 Tips On Travelling With Your Baby This Holiday Season!

Are you flying with a newborn or toddler and worried that everyone on the airline would despise you? You are not alone yourself. When I’ve given lectures to new parents on travelling with children, the most prevalent concern I’ve heard from audience members is becoming “that parent” on the plane with the crying infant. 

We understand as someone who has been that parent, despite all of my planning and attempts to calm my child. Follow these ten guidelines to ensure a comfortable flight with a small kid. Shop Now at Paris.cl

  1. Book a direct flight or one with a more extended layover.

As a parent of a baby or small kid, limiting the number of connecting flights is critical. Landing usually puts pressure on their delicate ears, generating the agony that causes newborns to cry on aircraft. Furthermore, less time spent on travel implies fewer opportunities for a mid-flight tantrum.

If you must arrange a connecting flight, allow for additional time on the ground between flights. (Two to three hours is typically good unless your flight is significantly delayed.) You don’t want to be rushing through the airport with a baby, a diaper bag, a car seat, and other travel necessities.

  1. Visit the airport restroom before your flight.

Ideally, you want to board the plane with a youngster who is not wet. As a result, before boarding the plane, make one last trip to the airport restroom. While you’re there, double up on diaper cream and put your kid in not one but two diapers for added leak prevention.

If you’re travelling with a toilet-training child, you’ll want one last potty break, too. A pre-flight potty break means one less trip to the cramped airline restroom.

  1. Take advantage of pre-boarding.

You may believe that skipping the pre-board will allow you to spend as little time as possible on the plane with your child. However, with a young child, boarding an aircraft takes more time. 

Flying with a baby or toddler is difficult enough without having people groan behind you as you try to strap up your little darling.

  1. Save money on flying with a baby or toddler.

One of the most costly aspects of travel is air travel. JustFly.com, thankfully, makes it simple to save money on your family’s trips. JustFly.com allows you to discover and compare the cheapest travel tickets from over 440 airlines. 

When you search for a specific route, this user-friendly website will urge you to set up a fare alert to be notified when costs drop to the destination of your choosing. In addition, unlike some airlines, JustFly.com’s staffs of travel specialists are glad to assist you in obtaining inexpensive plane tickets via phone.

  1. Gates check baby gear.

Most airlines enable parents and caregivers to gate-check bulky baby equipment like strollers and car seats at no additional price. Ask the attendant at your airline’s gate for gate check tags. Each item should have one label attached to it, which should be placed at the bottom of the jet way. Before boarding, be careful to fold strollers. 

When you disembark, your gate-checked items will usually be waiting for you in the exact location as when you boarded. They do, however, need to be recovered from baggage claims on occasion. Before your flight, inquire about your airline’s gate-check policy

  1. Rent baby equipment for travel.

Consider renting infant travel gear to lessen your burden at the airport and save baggage costs. Cribs, car seats, high chairs, and other items can be delivered to your destination airport, hotel, or grandma’s house. This service is accessible for travelling families all around the world. 

When flying with a toddler, I recommend using a lightweight CARES safety harness and gate-checking your child’s vehicle booster seat.

  1. Keep your baby buckled.

The safest location for a baby or toddler on an airplane is buckled tightly into a car seat or other authorized restraint, especially in case of unexpected turbulence. During visits to the shop or the zoo, your youngster is accustomed to buckling into the car seat. They understand the importance of remaining in this “special seat,” and if you’re lucky, your youngster won’t challenge it.

Of course, you may need to unbuckle your child for a diaper change, a toilet breaks, or to stretch those tiny legs – especially if you’re on a lengthy trip. However, after your child has tasted delicious independence, you may find it challenging to persuade them back into the seat. The majority of the time, a newborn will want to stay in your arms for the duration of the journey.

  1. Bring double the baby necessities.

Take twice as much formula, diapers, bottles, baby food, and snacks as you think you’ll need on the aircraft. 

You will thank me if your flight is substantially delayed or cancelled. When you’re detained on the tarmac, flying above a storm, or sleeping in a hotel room for an unplanned overnight, the last thing you want to deal with is a hungry, thirsty, dirty-diapered infant.

  1. Dress in comfortable layers.

For your travel, you might be tempted to dress up your kid in that gorgeous outfit from your mother-in-law. But first and foremost, consider your comfort and ease. Choose clothing that is both comfortable and easy to replace.

Of course, layers are necessary while travelling from a frigid location to the tropical Tropics. On the other hand, coatings can aid with sudden temperature fluctuations on the plane. If you become detained on the tarmac, you may find yourself sweltering and directing that little overhead fan towards yourself and your child. As the temperature drops to Arctic lows while you’re in the air, you could be begging the flight attendants for one of those blue blankets.

  1. Pack an extra change of clothing for the baby and you.

Of course, you’ll want to include an additional change of clothes for your infant or toddler in your carry-on in case something goes wrong mid-flight. When my friend flew solo from California to Europe with her infant, she did just that. 

She did not, however, bring any more clothing for herself. Mama was sticky and damp throughout the whole of her lengthy travel due to a leaking diaper. To avoid this, throw a little dress for yourself into the diaper bag as well.

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