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Top 10 Tips To Book Flights For Cheap This Holiday Season!

There are many things that one needs to plan about when thinking of a vacation. Budget becomes an important determinant in deciding the vacation, hotel, and flight tickets also form a big part of the budget. Finding cheap flights, affordable hotels, and saving a bit is the nature of every traveler. Getting cheap flight tickets is a blessing for every traveler. Flights cost too much, and getting access booked had become a significant concern due to the pandemic. 

We have provided some top 10 tips to help you grab the cheapest flight tickets for your travel in the holiday season of 2022. Now, you can easily save a lot on your next trip with some of these insider tips! Book Now on Love Holidays

1. Time of booking 

This is one of the evident and topmost things a person should do. Timing is crucial when you have to book flight tickets. If you are thinking of traveling during the busy season, that is, winter or summer holidays, it is usually hard to find cheap flight tickets. Please book the tickets much earlier and book them a month before. 

If you delay it or book it near your travel dates, the ticket price goes high. Airline ticket prices have become more elevated, especially during the last 15 days of traveling. Therefore, try to book it as soon as the trip is decided. If you are lucky enough, you can get tickets at a low price, even last. This could happen when there is a vacancy in the plane till last.  

2. Flexibility

Flexibility matters if you are looking to buy tickets at a low price. You should be flexible enough with your traveling destination and dates as well. There are only specific dates and seasons when the airlines offer reasonable prices. You might have to shift your travel dates by a few days in many cases. 

The prices will be high during summer and winter vacation as the tickets are in much demand. The access may cost relatively less when taking a flight late at night or early morning. Though it is not very convenient to take a flight at these timings, it can get your hands on cheap tickets. 

3. Flight Search Engines

You can always go for search engines. They are the easiest and quickest way to look for cheap tickets. They do the work of searching for cheap tickets for different airlines. They can access the data through the travel software or standard reservation program. The search engines also offer other tools like fare alerts on mail and price prediction. 

With the database of various airlines, visitors can compare the fares, which also provides more variability in bookings and searching for tickets.

It would help if you always looked for various search engines before finalizing your flight ticket. There is no accurate search engine; therefore, it is always better to search for multiple machines. You probably can’t know which site has the best offer without looking at various locations. Here are some best websites that provide tickets at cheap rates:

  • Skyscanner – This is a top-rated site for finding cheap flights. They have a handy user interface, and the mobile app is also great. 
  • Momondo – They are accurate in searching for the best price more than 90% of the time. This means it searches almost all the websites and airlines available globally then provides the user with the best option. You can use them along with Skyscanner.
  • Google Flights – It is also a frequently used website with a great search engine. It provides the details of prices for various destinations.

4. Time of Travel 

A study was conducted by FareCompare.com, which showed that there are some days where the tickets are cheap for a domestic trip. On Saturday, Wednesday and Tuesday the tickets are cheapest among other days in the week. You should also note that the flights are costly on Sunday and Friday as people prefer to travel a lot on these two days.

There is not much applicability of the data about which day has the cheapest flight, but you can always check and compare the prices. You can check for the entire month as consecutive days have almost the same prices. You can make all the comparisons by yourself and then choose the dates. 

5. keep track of Social Media 

Social Media can work as a blessing in disguise for travelers. Just follow the airlines that you prefer to travel by. Keep track of the airline’s page as there are various promotional deals and offers. Even last-minute flights can be booked at a low price with the help of exclusive deals. The consumer is also updated with all the special discounts, flash sales, and other promotional offers. 

Acting spontaneously at the value or sale can help you save a lot. You can even get a discount of up to 50%, which is a windfall gain. To avail of these discounts, you can also subscribe to your preferred airlines.

6. Look for Low Budget Airlines

Some low-budget airlines offer cheaper tickets, and those airlines which operate at low cost can also afford to provide affordable rates. You can always check for such airlines. They keep their prices down, and the services are also fair enough, though you should be ready to compromise at specific points. It is a good option for a short journey, in the case of domestic flights; you can easily avail of cheap tickets.

7. Non- Refundable Tickets 

Prices of Non-refundable tickets are pretty low as compared to refundable ones. You can book your tickets once you have decided to travel on a specific date. You can easily find non-refundable ones at a cheaper rate. You can also fetch a round-trip ticket to save money, but you need to pre-decide the traveling dates. 

8. Cookies 

It is essential to clear your cookies whenever searching for flight prices. The rates go up as you explore a route repeatedly. Your search history is stored in the Cookies, and then the airline search engines use this data to dictate the prices to the consumer. Therefore, do not allow cookies when searching for airline tickets. 

Another way to avoid tracking search history is to browse in private mode or incognito. With such practices, you would surely get cheaper tickets. So act smartly next time you browse for booking the flights. 

9. Flyer Programmes

Flyer Programmes are a great way to get great discounts. It is a simple process wherein registration has to be done then your account is credited with specific points every time you travel with that airline. The accumulated points can be used in subsequent tickets booking. With these points, you can get a discount. 

There is also a tie-up of some credit cards with the airlines that help to add up the points. They provide good perks like priority boarding, free checked bags, and seat selection. 

10. Student Discounts

Students under 26 years of age can avail a lot of discounts. Getting 20-30% off on the prices is usual for any student. Many travel agencies can help one get a cheap flight ticket. Flight Centre is one of them. One must not miss them out!

Additionally, one must note that the discounts given to the students are transferred over to certain airline partners. For example, student discounts offered by Delta can be availed on the airlines of Air France and KLM. With this, one can save a ton of money while helping with the various services.  

You need to search appropriately about the discounts given by the airlines on their websites or contact them by any means. Putting in a bit of effort can help you save at least 20%, which is worthy enough!


You can make flying cheap if you act smartly while searching for cheap tickets. You must know the right way to do so. With little effort and sound research, you can get the best deal. Stay updated, be flexible, and be sure about the travel plan simultaneously. The above tips must help save a lot of your valuable time and money. 

You must never forget to book on time and don’t be frustrated as the discounts can be available at any time. It’s essential to keep checking the sites frequently.

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