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Top 10 Worldwide DTH Services To Consider In 2022!

Like daily essentials, TV connection has become a must-have home utility. Satellite television provides a faster and enhanced quality of sound and pictures. It is constructive for places to which wires can’t reach. Through this media, people stay connected to the world around them and interact with the people of the Global Village about their current affairs. This service is provided by companies better known as DTH or Direct to Home. Below are the top 10 service providers to consider in 2021.

10: Airtel Digital TV

Bharti Telemedia does the business of Airtel Digital TV. It is an Indian direct-broadcast satellite service. It was launched in October 2008. It provides satellite TV and audio to households in India. The customer base was approximately 17.72 million in the fiscal year 2021 that was about eight million in the fiscal year 2015. HD+ recorder was launched on May 4, 2010. The TV’s Standard Definition (SD) broadcasts are in MPEG-4. It provides on-demand service by connecting boxes that include movies, TV series, and other programmers. The programs are in English and Indian languages. Besides, it offers interactive services such as IKidworld, darshan, games, and music place

9: Tata Sky

It is the second operator to launch DTH. It is the best direct Broadcast Satellite service provider, which was incorporated in 2005. It is a joint venture between Tata Sons and the Walt Disney Company with a minor partnership of Temasek Holdings. It uses a technology known as MPEG-4 digital and transmits by using INSAT-4A and GSAT- 10 satellite. Presently it offers the services of 601 channels. It has entered into an agreement with the French firm Technicolor for supplying 4K Set-Top Boxes. Tata Sky uses ISRO’s GSAT-10 satellite. It is the first Indian DTH service provider to be awarded the ISO 27001-2005. Besides, it was awarded the award of ET Brand Equity in 2012 and 2013.

8: Sky UK Limited: 

Through the merger of Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting, the British Sky Broadcasting was formed. It is a broadcaster based in the UK. By winning all the television broadcasting rights for the Premier League and all the domestic rights of Hollywood films, it grew into a large media company. It provides television and broadband services, mobile telephone services, and internet services. The UK’s largest pay-TV has a customer base of 12.7 million at the end of 2019. Its flagship channels are Sky Arts, Sky Showcase, and Sky Atlantic. The holding company changed its name to Sky pic or Sky Group Limited.

7: Claro TV

Claro TV is a Play Television operating in Latin America. It operates in Star One C2 satellites and its system of transmission DTH K Band. The channels are encrypted by Nagravision.3 system. The reception of the DTH is made by a mini-satellite dish and a DVB-S2 receives. A conditional access card makes the authentication of subscribers. Claro and Embratel companies provide the satellite service. As of October 2021, it has a subscriber base of 2,000,000.

It operates throughout Brazil, but it does not cover Ceara, Santo, Espirito, Gelas, Parana, and the Rio Grande. But it is available in Puerto Rico.

6 Dish 

DIS is the acronym of Digital Sky Highway. Since 1980, Dish has been the most favorite DTH in America. Now it has got recognition as Fortune 250 Company. The company has a large consumer base of 13.0 million and 600,000 subscribers of broadband; Headquartered at Meridian, Colorado, the company covers the entire country under its DTH network. As a result, it can cater to the needs of people, several affordable packages, covering different areas such as sports, movies, and news. 

5: Verizon Fios

Operating in America, Fios TV is delivered through a 100 % fiber-optic network, resulting in stunning HD pictures and sound quality. The entertaining choices are head-spinning, and networks and channels are many. When you sign up for a Gigabit Connection, you get 425 channels; after elapse of 30 days, their digital tool will analyze what you have watched. They recommend a TV plan non the basis of your viewing preferences. 

4: Dish TV

Dish TV is one of India’s largest DTH service providers that has expanded its subscriber base to almost all countries in the world. Yes, Bank was the largest stakeholder of the company. The Zee group launched it in October 2003. It was voted the most trusted DTH brand according to Brand Trust Report 2014. 

 It has 11 million subscribers spread all over India. They have enriched their services by .introducing many new technologies such as interactive TV, HD channels, game. Pay-per-view releases and movies of different languages make the channel more popular among subscribers. It merged with Videocon D2h on March 22, 2018.

3: Euro 1080

It was Europe’s first-ever commercial broadcaster. The content is known as HDTV or High Definition Television. It was founded in 2004. As signified by the name, there are 1080 lines of vertical resolution in the signal broadcast. It is 1080/50-1020 X 1920X 1080 at an interaction frame rate of 50 Hz. Its headquarter is located in Belgium. It was free to air during the first few months. Then a conditional access card of €200 was required.

2: Comcast

It was the erstwhile American Cable Systems. It is an American multinational of telecommunication. It is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a broadcasting and cable television company, it is the second-largest globally. (Revenue-wise). It is the largest pay-TV, the largest Cable TV Company, and the largest internet service provider in America.

1: Direct TV

Trademarked as DIREC TV, it is an American service provider of the direct broadcast satellite. It is located in El Segundo, California, and launched its services on June 17, 1994. It transmits digital satellite television to Latin America, the United States, and the Caribbean. On July 24, 2015, it was acquired by AT & T for $67.1 billion. It has 15.9 million customers at the end of October quarter 2021.


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