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Top 5 Apple Smartphones That You Can Choose From In 2022!

The smartphones of Apple are upgraded after adding some or other new features. Its performances such as video transcoding, processing speed, display quality, color accuracy, and battery are accessed by independent quality prober. These are tested at Tom,s Guide for evaluating iPhones in real-world use cases. 

These are compared with the performances of the Android devices. Based on these activities, Apple updates its smartphones quite regularly. The latest models may come with a higher price tag and some improvement. If price is not your concern, you can get the following top 5 Apple smartphones to choose from in 2022. If you want to buy Mobile, O2 Mobile is the best choice Shop Now at O2 Mobile

1: iPhone 13 Pro

It is the ultimate latest flagship version of Apple, the iPhone 13 Pro. The camera is exclusive and takes shots from all its cameras, including the front-facing snapper. Besides a larger sensor, it provides vibrant pictures because of superb image stabilization. It is a 5G-capable iPhone and provides 6.1 AMOLED displays.

Key Specifications

Let’s understand the key specifications and features that this phone offers:

  • Processor: Apple A15 Bionic Hexacore 3.22 GHz
  • Camera: 12MP width, 12MP Telephoto and 12MP Ultrawide
  • Screen: 6.1” XZ 2.532” X 1.170”
  • Operating System: iOS 15
  • Storage: 128GB, 512GB, 256GB

Improvement on an earlier version of iPhone 12 Pro

  • Camera department, 120Hz, Pro-Motion, OLED display
  • Better battery life

The 6-inch display with a resolution of 1.170 x 2.532 is a shaped flat-sided rectangle and offers remarkable scratch resistance. It is resistant to dust and water because of the ceramic shield glass. 

The XDR OLED Super Retina is brighter than ever. A slightly larger sensor with bigger pixels is added to the shift stabilization technology of the iPhone 12Pro Max.

2: Apple iPhone Pro Max

The CPU performance has improved and has surpassed the Android phones in terms of playing games. It has a larger screen compared to 13 Pro and better battery life. It has been boosted to 4.352mAh, lasting for 23 hours 30 minutes. The aperture of cameras is tweaked, and the size of the sensor is increased. This is an improvement on IOs Pro Max.12.

Key Specifications

Let’s understand the key specifications and features that this phone offers:

  • Processor: Apple A15 Bionic, Hexa-core 3.22GHz 
  • Screen: 1284 x 2.778/ 6.7 inch
  • Operating System: iOS 15
  • Storage: 128GB/ 512GB/ 256GB
  • Cameras: 12 MP Wide, 12 MP Telephoto & 12 MP Ultrawide

There is a marginal improvement on the earlier version. The 120Hz is a remarkable improvement. 

The design is flat-sided, just like iPhones of 2020. It has a 6.7 display compared to 6.1 of the regular Pro. It is a bit fatter and heavier, and the True Depth camera notch at the front has been reduced. The hardware and software of the camera have been improved. The Optical zoom on the telephoto is up from 2.5x to 3x. Additionally, macro photography is added this year. The addition of video is called Cinematic mode.

3: Apple iPhone 12

The most important feature is the camera. It can shoot 12MP images and facilitates filming of 10-bit Dolby Vision Footage. It means that you can comfortably watch An improvement over the earlier version iPhone 11 is the Night Mode photography with all three cameras. The Deep Fusion enables perfect shooting even if the lighting condition is not ideal.

The AMOLED screen is outstanding, and the size is decent. It supports critical HDR formats such as HDR 10, HLG, and HDR 10.

Key Specification

Let’s understand the key specifications and features that this phone offers:

  • Processor: Apple A14 Bionic, Hexa-core 3.1 GHz
  • Screen: 6.1. 2.532” x 1.170”
  • Storage: 64 GB 256GB, 128GB
  • Camera: 12MP Wide, 12 MP Ultra Wide
  • Operating System: iOS 14

The Super Retina XDR AMOLED replaces the eerier version of the Liquid Retina IPS LCD. There are three lenses, three on the back and one on the front. But there are main cameras and seven-element lens arrangements on the primary camera.

4: iPhone 13 (12GB) – Pink

This version of the Apple phone has been upgraded in almost everything, making it a brilliant phone. There was a remarkable improvement in the battery life of the iPhone 12. Because the A 15 Bionic Chipset can run 50% faster and light a fast performance. With the dual-camera system and 12 MP video, you get the best photographic styles, Night mode, Smart HDR 4, and Dolby Vision HDR recording 4K. It can have 19 hours of video playback.

Key Specifications

Let’s understand the key specifications and features that this phone offers:

  • Dimension: 1246.7 x 71.56 x 7.7 mm
  • Storage: 128G 512GB/256GB 
  • Battery: Up to 19 hours
  • Screen Size: 6.1 inch
  • RAM: A15 Bionic
  • Weight: 174 gm
  • Cameras: Rear and front 12 MP
  • Resolution: 1170 x 2532

Durability is ensured because of the Ceramic Shield and water resistance of industry-leading IP 68. It supports accessories of Safe Mage attachments for faster wireless charging.

5: iPhone 13 Mini

People prefer to possess a small-sized smartphone made by Apple because they rely upon their performance. It is a non-compromise small phone for people who don’t intend to buy an old dated technology just for the sake of keeping an Apple phone. But irrespective of the size, they want to enjoy all the facilities that an Apple phone can offer. Battery life is better compared to its earlier version iPhone 12 Mini. Yet, it may be insufficient because of the size.

Key Features

Let’s understand the key specifications and features that this phone offers:

  • 5.4 inch Super Retina XDR display
  • Durable design with a ceramic shield
  • A  15 bionic chip for faster performance
  • Video playback of about 17 hour
  • Dual camera with 12 MP wide and ultra-wide cameras
  • Night Mode
  • Dolby Vision HDR recording Water-resistance, IP68
  • The addition of shallow depth of field and shifts focused automatically on videos
  • Smart HDR

While choosing the Apple iPhones, you should focus on as much storage as possible. The best iPhone depends on your likings and disliking.

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