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Ukraine LIVE: ‘He will start a war’ Horror as Putin tipped for SECOND European invasion | World | News


The 1472nd Naval Clinical Hospital (NCH) is located in Sevastopol in the Crimea. 

In recent times standards appear to have slipped, with the hospital allegedly struggling to contain an infestation of rats.

The hospital’s administration decided to take drastic action to bring the problem under control.

Officials ordered rat poison to be spread throughout the entire complex, including the kitchens, in a determined attempt to clear out the unwanted and unloved rodents.

WarMonitor, an OSINT investigator who regularly posts about the war in Ukraine, tweeted: “The administration of the 1472nd military hospital in Sevastopol, annexed Crimea, carried out a ‘deratization’, spreading rat poison throughout the building, including the kitchen.

“Eight Russian soldiers poisoned themselves with food and died, and 18 are fighting for their lives.”



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