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Which Brand Is The Most Popular For Sportswear?

It has been a long time since we have witnessed a significant increase in athletic companies. Many more individuals worldwide are beginning to include more physical activity into their daily routines, which is good. Considering how good it has been to one’s health and longevity to adopt an active lifestyle, this isn’t surprising. 

Many people do not receive enough physical activity, which implies that there is still a lot of development for these sports companies to expand. Fitness equipment is essential for getting the most out of your workouts. It should assist while also making you feel as comfortable as possible during your hopefully regular dosages of physical activity. Shop Now on

We’re sure it won’t surprise you to learn that the worldwide sports brand has grown dramatically over the past few decades and now earns more than $100 billion in annual sales. Which of these sportswear companies, however, is the most well-known? 

The market has been dominated for more than three decades by a small number of sportswear brands. Even though these two brands continue to dominate the sports industry, many new sports companies have emerged in recent years and are now included in this year’s worldwide Top 10 list. See our updated list of the top 10 sportswear brands in the world based on global sales here. 

Most Popular Sportswear Brands in 2022!

Here is a list of the top sportswear brands globally, based on how much people prefer them because of the fit, texture, and other factors. Find important information here to decide which one you’d choose: 

  1. Nike 

According to the most recent data available, Nike is the most popular sportswear brand globally. With revenues reaching $40 billion, the Oregon-based American company has held and continues to retain a commanding dominance in the worldwide sportswear sector for many years. Even though Nike’s main product line remains footwear, it is far from the only one; they include sports apparel, sports equipment, and more.

  1. Adidas 

Adidas, founded by Adolf Dassler in 1949, is the world’s second-largest sportswear company by revenue (hence the name). The German corporation is generally known as a sports shoe producer. Still, it is also a more general sports brand involved in many other aspects of the sports and everyday life industries. It offers a wide range of sports products, including gym wear and other sports accessories.

  1. Puma 

Puma was founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler, Adolf Dassler’s younger brother and the younger brother of Adidas founder Adolf Dassler. The two brothers were the ones who started and directed the company in its early years. 

They decided to divorce after quarreling and start their enterprises as a result. Puma, like Adidas, has its headquarters in a small Bavarian hamlet. Although it is far smaller than its sister company, it is third in the worldwide sportswear industry.

  1. Under Armour 

Under Armour sells shoes; however, at a lower scale than other sportswear businesses, especially on a global platform. Established in the mid-1990s, the American corporation is still in its infancy. Alternatively, the Baltimore-based sportswear firm has been highly ambitious and has seen rapid growth in the footwear and sporting clothes markets. It also offers a wide range of products other than shoes. 

  1. New Balance 

Another footwear-focused corporation has joined the ranks of the world’s top five sports companies, this time with the name New Balance. New Balance, founded in 1906 as a manufacturer of arch supports, now manufactures and distributes its line of shoes (alongside other sports lifestyle clothing). It is considered one of the best brands for sports footwear.

  1. Lululemon Athletica 

Lululemon Athletica is one of several sportswear companies that does not sell shoes, as evidenced by the fact that they do not have any. After starting as a small operation in 1998, the Canadian company has developed into a global leader in the production of yoga equipment. 

Lululemon’s ranking among the top ten sporting brands globally should come as no surprise, considering the immense international popularity of yoga and the company’s dedication to it.

  1. Columbia Sportswear 

Outdoor athletic clothes and footwear are among the specialties of the American organization. Columbia Sportswear, except for Nike, is one of the top ten global sportswear brands that do not primarily specialize in footwear. 

In addition to hiking shoes, the company offers a wide range of clothing products in the outdoor athletic area. The Oregon-based company was founded in 1938, making it older than Nike, which also has its headquarters in the same city.

  1. CCC

Along with Nike and Adidas, Asics is one of the most well-known sportswear manufacturers. Its sports footwear is famous Poland . In addition to shoes, Asics offers a variety of gymnastic and exercise accessories. They provide both trendy and high-performing footwear and clothing ranges for adventure and sports.

  1. Fila 

Although the Fila brand was initially created as an Italian enterprise in 1911, the company’s headquarters are now located in South Korea. Fila is well-known for manufacturing shoes for sporting activities and being a fashion and lifestyle brand in its own right.

  1. Reebok 

Another shoe business has managed to sneak into the top ten of the most popular athletic brands in the world. Although its primary concentration is still on footwear, Boston-based Reebok has broadened its product portfolio to include sports apparel. Adidas has been the sole owner of Reebok since 2005.

Final Thoughts!

For more than three decades, a tiny handful of sportswear companies have controlled most of the market share. Although these two brands continue to dominate the sports business, other brands keep coming up, the competition doesn’t stop, and neither do sportswear options reduce for people looking for it. But since most people have different personalized needs, one brand picks up the slack where the other doesn’t. In this way, the brands and the customers are satisfied by the products and sales and continue being trustworthy and effective year after year.

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