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Why Should You Choose Ebooks Over Printed Books?

We all have grown up with the smell of new books. When ebooks started to come on the scene, we all thought that this new invention of technology was horrible. Our room was full of shelves of paperbacks and hardcover. We raised a question of why we would read eBooks though we have physical books to read. It was a satisfaction to turn the actual pages. Smelling of new books was an overwhelming and wonderful feeling for everybody. 

These books are vital and evident in our lives, but over the past years, a controversy has revolved around the world about what we should choose, ebook or physical book. The output of this actively discussed matter showed that the printed books are a mile away from the eBooks in a race, but there are multiple advantages to choosing eBooks over physical books. Shop Now at

All about Ebooks!

Ebook will give you the same feeling of satisfaction, not physically but in an electronic form. This is a surprise gift from our modern and cutting-edge technology. It has been emerging day by day, and the life of booklovers has got completely changed. 

Today, eBooks are gaining tremendous accolades and attractions on a global scale. Today eBooks are compatible to read on a wide range of devices. Even advanced technology provides access to design your ebook creator application to suit every purpose that you hold. 

Advantages of EBooks over Printed Books!

  1. Portability

Printed books are weighty and rigid, and it takes much space to fit into. Portability makes things easy to handle and demand. With the upward growth and advancement of technology, it is also essential to look out for people carrying physical books with them.  

eBooks readers are super portable, easy to handle, and lightweight. You can move anywhere with your eBook readers. Only a few printed books can have with you on your trip or vacation, but you can carry mammoth numbers of eBooks. eBooks are like a wonder in the world of books.

  1. Features

Ebook readers have numerous features that have contributed to the advancement of science, which is not part of printed books. Features like; note-making, bookmarking, and highlighting are available to access in eBooks through an inbuilt dictionary.  

We have to make the highlighting or marking with a pen or marker in printed books. Marking eBooks are ideal for short lives and a technological grasp. 

  1. Connectivity

In the world of technology, eBooks have established robust connectivity between readers and the books at all times with an internet connection. For printed books, it is based on less or no connectivity among readers in an area that is reliable without connectivity breakdown.

  1. Availability 

The availability of eBooks is much flexible than printed books. If you order a book, you have to wait for it like it is never-ending, but for eBooks, you can overcome this with fast and easy access on your device, and you can read the digital version of the book wherever you want to go through. 

eBooks are always in stock in huge numbers. It’s great to go, but buying or ordering a printed book is a long stubborn process to read finally. It seems agitating and time-consuming. You can buy printed books from the market, bookstore, or library or purchase them from online bookshops. You can also go for e-commerce websites to buy. On the other hand, ebooks need a one-hand operation to download and start reading. 

  1. Layout 

The rear cover of a physical book serves two purposes: to protect the book and attract the readers. An eBook has a stylish and attractive cover page outlook that you can find on the e-commerce site. It comes into two forms, hardcover, and paperback. 

Apart from that, printed books are prefixed layouts that can’t be changed or altered after publication, but the pages of eBooks are rearrangeable. So you can say that ebooks allow the readers to read according to their preferences and tastes.

  1. Price 

An eBook costs a minimal price when printed books are expensive. The pricing of having eBooks are much lower than printed books. Suppose you are fond of book reading and fascinated by eBooks. In that case, you will unquestionably invest your money in good eReader gadgets such as PC, laptops, phones, nooks, kindle, and rocker eBooks. 

At a glance, it seems that the initial investment of having eBooks is much higher than printed books, but this lifetime investment will be the best choice as you do not need to buy books for the rest of your lives. So you can say that eReaders are pocket-friendly.

  1. Storage 

Storage is one of the biggest concerns in the case of books. We all know that physical books take more place to be stored. It would help if you had book-selves to keep your books and some specific areas in your house. 

The physical form of printed books is less flexible to access than eBooks. On that note, eBooks are portable and do not need storage. They are kept in digital form and accessible at any time. 

  1. Sharability 

We often share our choices with our friends and close ones. When we read some books and like them, we recommend those to others. So the sharability is highly important for a recommendation. 

In the case of physical books, either you can exchange them with the other person hand to hand, but for this, you have to move out from your location; that person has to buy that recommended book online or from physical stores. But in the case of eBooks, sharability is fast and smooth. 

You can share your online account with others to access those books you want to share, or you can download them and send them via any digital media to that person whom you wish to recommend. It is less time-consuming, and you do not need to move.


The critical point is that traditional books do not have any substantial advantage over eBooks. With this fact, the number of eBooks readers is growing gradually and significantly every day on the internet. 

Reading physical books is a sentiment that we have from our childhood and an old habit, but asides from this, it has no other point to be preferred over eBooks. eBooks are more versatile and full of features and advantages. Reading eBooks are more enjoyable, engaging, and hassle-free.

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