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Why Should You Choose Pay-As-You-Go Phones?

Pay-as-you-go phone is an alternative name for prepaid cellular phones. Parents should give such phones to their children when they dread a substantial monthly bill. There is no difference between traditional cell phones and prepaid cellular phones. You need to a contract for the latter. 

You pay in advance for a set of services such as several minutes that can be used over a definite period. Before that ends, you have to recharge for further transactions. Shop Now on Tesco Mobile

The Advantages!

The following are the advantages of using a prepaid phone:

  • Parents-teenagers communication is well defined; children knowing the time they are to use the phone
  • Occasional users of cell phones can use them in case of emergencies.
  • Short-term users need to use it when the regular cell phone is broken or lost.
  • Trial users can use before using a regular cell phone on long term
  • Adults having no credit card history or credit card debt

The Disadvantages!

As with most of the things go, advantages are always companioned with a few drawbacks; so, here go with the disadvantages of using pay-as-you-go connections:

  • Higher cost per minute
  • Fixed expiry date makes you lose if you don’t use it within that period
  • Charging daily accessible fees
  • Limited features 

Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

You can buy high-tech phones with added features and buy the same for a more extended period. You can also have a prepaid phone contract, a combination of a prepaid plan and a monthly traditional plan.


Before we understand the modus operandi of the plan, it is necessary to know about the cell phone providers in America. The providers can be categorized as MVNO or Mobile Virtual Network Operators. They focus on the business of leasing space on a network of traditional carriers. Or conventional wireless carriers. 

Prominent MVNOs are Boost, Trac Fone, and All Tel Wireless. Below is the list of prepaid cell phone providers:

  1. Virgin Mobil gives rich plans with competitive pricing
  2. Boost Mobile  features push to talk walkie-talkie
  3. TracFone with straightforward pricing and carry over minutes
  4. Alltel Wireless with per day or monthly plan
  5. AT&T (Go Phone) has a national network and has the flexibility of two plan types
  6. T-Mobile with a sidekick along with a wide array of phone features.
  7. Verizon INplus with traditional plans and good customer service


It is a flexible alternative to a monthly plan. The main advantage of this plan is that you enjoy using a wireless phone without signing a long-term contract for the mobile phone. You are not to be worried about your monthly bill. You want the freedom of paying for only what you use.

Some people don’t want many minutes to talk on their cellular phones. Such persons require the plan of the pay-as-you-go. They need to make the best use of every penny they spend. Moreover, a prepaid amount deters you from being inexpensive. They use phones only when they need them.

There are many carriers as listed above offer this plan. When you buy a pay-as-you-go phone, you will receive activation instructions along with the phone. After activating the phone, you can also charge additional cellular minutes.

It would help if you did not have the notion that you would buy some old and cheap phone to pay as you g. Motorola and Nokia offer many phones for their pay-as-you-go clients. Some carriers are offering the services of 1000 minutes for $100. 

Since these minutes have no restrictions, you are free to use calls of nationwide distances. Others may not include roaming. If you don’t like to be stuck up with one cell phone provider, the pay-as-you-go is the best phone service for you.

Facts to Know about Pay-as-you-go

  1. As you are not tied up into a contract, you can top up your credit when required in the course of your “going.” You top up your texts, minutes, and data each time you recharge.
  2. The benefit of pay as you go is that you enjoy flexibility. There is no monthly charge, and hence you save a lot of money if you don’t use your phone too often. You are aware of your spending and are not required to go in for a credit check at the end of a particular period.
  3. You can use SIM-free phones, which means that your phones are unlocked, and you can get pay as you go
  4. The difference between SIM-free and pay is that you buy the handset without a SIM card. On the other hand, pay as you go means you are signing up for a SIM card and the handset on a network. You can choose any of the range of pay-as-you-go deals.
  5. Pay as you go is an economical option where you get great value for your money. There is no wastage because you are paying only to the extent you are using your cell phone services. You can opt for a cheaper or a top-tier phone. But, what you pay is judicious. It is a matter of your budget and choice.  
  6. The difference between monthly and pay as you go is what you pay for and at what point in time. In a monthly plan, you pay a monthly set amount, whereas for pay as you go, you pay what you use.

Branded Cell Phones

You can explore the top brands of Apple and Samsung to find pay-as-you-go phones. With the availability of flexible plans, you can make your choice best suited to you. They have super-fast 5G, with phenomenal displays; you can get many more. Get the suitable model of iPhone XR and the powerful iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

The Rocket Packs of Mobile enable you to top up quickly. Samsung also has a comprehensive option for pay-as-you-go phones. The Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 and S20 FE will be the latest handset you can choose to pay as you go.

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