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Xbox Game Points & Achievements: Everything You Need To Know!

Microsoft has come up with many features in recent years though the Achievement System is one of the most successful. It was introduced when the Xbox 360 came out. The achievement system gives the user bragging rights. Completion of specific tasks in the game can add up to your Gamerscore. 

If you are also wondering what achievements are and looking forward to redeeming them, then we provided complete details on the achievements and game points of Xbox One. Shop now on Eneba


The players’ digital rewards for completing specific tasks are called achievements. The game developers give these achievements. These achievements have value worth some points. The points granted add up in the Gamerscore. Generally, the scores display in multiples of 510,100, etc. 

With the help of Gamerscore, you can easily compare your gaming progress most easily with that of your friend. This system never reset, so the achievements that the player unlocks will be associated with the Gamerscore unless one makes a different account of Xbox Live.

How Can You Unlock Achievements? 

One can redeem his achievements in Xbox games, Xbox 360. Select the Microsoft games, the first party games only. After unlocking the achievements, you will receive a notification on your screen. 

The achievements earned by each player in each of the games they are registered with are tracked by Microsoft. The notification you receive will only be in a twinkling noise if a rare achievement is earned. Otherwise, it is just the standard chime ring. You would also get to notice a diamond on the notifications panel. 

There are also time-oriented and other challenges that are not scored offered by many small games. By completing these challenges, one can easily earn some additional small reward within the game; the Gamerscore is also not affected on the completion. They frequently come and go in assisted games, so one stays equipped with many things while playing the game. The challenges are not shown up on the game’s achievement list unless completed though some other websites like True Achievements can trace them for completions.

While there are different numbers of achievements in each game, mainly the list makes up to around 1000 Gamerscore at the launch time. Many creators add more accomplishments through the downloadable content after the launch, through all the Xbox achievements are not rewarded. Game score is the easiest way for you and your friends to compare your progress in the game. 

What is an Achievements hub? Gamerscore Leaderboard!

The achievement hub and the Xbox One display more data about the Gamerscore. To discover it, press the Xbox button, which is located in the middle of your controller, and choose the icon with the trophy situated on the left of the Xbox sidebar.

Have a glance at your latest achievements, and look at the Gamerscore leaderboard. An achievement list will be visible from here. This will show the improvement in your score compared to your friend’s score on Xbox Live. 

While in the game also you can access the achievement list; it will be shown on the sidebar. 

Check all your achievements on the achievements hub. Here, all the achievements can be seen that one has earned in different games across the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The games are demonstrated in the reverse order of when they were played. By selecting a title, you can see the improvement toward a specific achievement. 

On the left tab, you can see statistics. This section has detailed statistics for the games played across the Xbox One. The stats can be about the highest level played for the total time spent playing various games. This data differs across each round. By clicking on a particular statistic, you would compare your friends and your data.

Earning Achievements 

Generally, you can attain many achievements as you play different games. No particular tasks have to be done for this; it can be earned simply while playing the game, like completing stages, exploring collectibles, contending in multiplayer, and raising the character’s level. 

Once you’ve received as many accomplishments as feasible without much effort and with no outdoor exploration, then fill in the spaces. Many games have some specific achievements. Others come up with extra challenges, and some are only for fun. 

The achievements in a game can be checked from the achievement hub on the Xbox One. Not all achievements can be seen as some are shown as ‘secret’ and are revealed only once you have completed them. Besides, there are also third-party websites that offer the achievement list like Xbox Achievements. You can also comment there and share your stories or strategy about warning the achievements etc. 

Where to Seek Further Guidance? 

One can check Xbox Achievements in case any guidance is needed. Further for the advice, you may also find many helpful players guiding out there. They provide information about the completion of every achievement in some specific games. It is essential to seek guidance if one is looking for a complete one thousand points from a game.  

Xbox One also allows tracking for every moment. In case anyone is looking forward to that, they can do that. It would help if you went to the home menu, and under the achievements section, there would be an achievement tracker tab. It would help if you turned it on, and all the achievements would be seen in a box that pops up. Under the toggle is an option of configure tracker” from where a particular achievement can be picked.

Achievements can be unlocked immediately once connected to Xbox Live. You would need to click on the Xbox Live A/c to get the rewards once the achievement milestone has been reached. Sometimes unlocking the rewards becomes problematic when the players could connect later on. Therefore, don’t take the risk!

Like you can play older games and win more points. If you master any title, play that and build up your score. Old games can be from Xbox 360 as well. There are a lot of choices available. Some games are straightforward like Fight Night Round 3, you can win 1000 points just by completing 8 specific fights in the challenges. Some different strategies can also be used to add up to your Gamerscore Quicker. 

Another example is Avatar, The Burning Earth. This game also makes it very easy to get 1,000 points. Once the 50-hit combination is achieved, all the points you have earned are augmented to your Gamerscore. After completing the game, you can give it further to a friend to reach 1,000 points. The game can also be sold back to Xbox if you don’t wish to give it to your friend. 


If you want to get something in return in Gamerscore, you need to enroll with Microsoft Rewards. Microsoft Rewards bestows rewards for everything like games on Game Pass, for completing the achievements on Xbox console or for using mobile applications by Microsoft. To avail of the benefits, you need to link your account with the Xbox console. 

These rewards can be redeemed for buying any product at the Microsoft Store. This also includes applying discounts on various products, on the purchase of Xbox accessories.

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