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Your Home Needs At Your Doorsteps | Home24

Choose from over 150,000 goods, making it extremely versatile. home24 is an online furniture store offering a wide range of products. In over 150,000 articles, you may find contemporary furniture, fantastic favorite pieces, and decor ideas in no time. Decorate your home with high-quality furniture, lights, and home accessories in your preferred style. Modern furniture, incredible rates, well-known brands, high-quality materials, and exclusive new brands are all available. home24’s premium mattress Smood, premium box spring bed KINX, and Skp wardrobe, for example, ensure a wonderful bedroom. All of this and more may be found in the home24 online furniture store.

Pay how you choose, without any stress 

With Home24, even paying for your furniture is a pleasure. You have the option of paying for furniture and other things safely using your favorite payment method, whether it’s online with PayPal or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard), in advance or immediately after receiving your furniture, lamps, or home accessories. You make the decision, and Home24 guarantees your safety.

Buy furniture with confidence at home24

You may shop for furniture and other home items at any time of day or night in the home24 online store. home24 doesn’t have a closing time, doesn’t work on Sundays, and doesn’t work on public holidays. With Home24, you may discover new furnishings and trends at any time. When you have the time and desire to browse, Home24 is here for you. Furthermore, you are always protected as a buyer and your data is always protected. 

You may buy furniture with confidence thanks to Trusted Shops’ security checks. Even the last uncertainties are dispelled by a 30-day return policy on all furniture, lamps, and accessories. If you have any questions, home24 customer service is excellent: home24 customer service representatives will assist you with questions about box spring beds, couch beds, slatted frames, and, of course, all other types of furniture such as office chairs and bar stools.

Home24 constructs furniture, plain and simple

Your tools have to be kept in the closet at all times. Because assembling your furniture doesn’t require shaking hands. For a modest fee, you can have home24 assembly service put your new furniture together by professionals. When home24 movers arrive at your home on the agreed-upon day and safely and skillfully install your new furniture, you can relax. Instead of hauling around and screwing, order furniture online, have it installed, and feel good.

Home24 have the greatest pricing, and they are invincible

Home24 furniture store can help you design a fashionable environment on any budget. Home24 is a website where you can buy furniture with a permanent discount of up to 40%. Several discount campaigns and offers provide you with high-quality furniture, accessories, and lights at reasonable costs. Choose your favorite furniture, home accessories, and lighting, and prepare to be wowed by truly unbelievable bargains. Home24 demonstrates that high-quality furniture need not be outrageously pricey. Let your dream house come to a reality by furnishing yourself with branded furniture at a low price: home24 – the best furniture store is right at home!

Fast, delivered swiftly, and you’ll be happier sooner

You won’t have to wait long for your furniture, and you won’t have to worry about transportation when you work with Home24. Many of Home24’s furniture and decorative items are available for immediate or quick delivery. Home24 shipping service providers will send the furniture you have bought, such as lamps, beds or outdoor furniture, relaxation chairs, and accessories, directly to your preferred address to your home, business, or any other location inside Germany, after a brief anticipation period. Home24 customer care will assist you in returning your products. Home24 will, of course, cover the costs of returning the furniture and other items.

That’s what makes Home24 so unique

For your purchasing convenience, Home24 provides the following services. You want things to happen swiftly and smoothly, especially in your frequently stressful daily life, right? From the comfort of your sofa, shop for creative furniture and turn your house into a pleasant place with just a few clicks. This is how Home24 will assist you in setting it up and delivering your interior favorites to your door:

  • Every day brings new ideas
  • All types of interior design
  • Home24 showrooms are alive with furniture.
  • Tips, fads, and ways to live
  • Astute furniture shopping
  • Free shipping on orders over €30, plus a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Returns and shipping are also CO2-neutral
  • Excellent quality at a lower cost than anticipated
  • Best Price Guaranteed Great value for money

Delivery is quick and free

It’s as simple as that: you place an order, Home24 delivers, and you’re done. Home24 will deliver your new favorite products to your home on time. Shipping? They’re free with a purchase of 30 Euros or more! Heavy furniture is delivered directly to your apartment, while packaged things are delivered to the front door. Individual products are delivered to the curb.

If your new product does not fit in with your home, you have 30 days from the date of delivery to return it to Home24 for a full refund. Home24 will, of course, reimburse your entire purchase price.

A wide range of items at the best possible pricing

Your home is as adaptable as you are: it may serve as a hangout spot, a playground, or a creative space. With over 150,000 items of furniture, lighting, and home accessories in a variety of designs, Home24 has something for everyone. Find high-quality interior pieces and limited-edition collections at guaranteed low prices. By the way, Home24 entirely avoids intermediaries with their own brands, allowing Home24 to provide a huge number of products at competitive costs.

Shopping that is not harmful to the environment

Home24 is all concerned about the environment and climate change. That is why, since 2020, Home24 has been compensating for Home24’s CO2 footprint through a variety of environmental projects. For you, this implies that the shipping of your home24 piece of furniture from the manufacturer to your home, as well as any potential return, is fully carbon neutral. On Home24’s environmental page, they discuss what they do as a company to improve sustainability.

Home24 is up to date at all time

What arrives, departs, and remains? Home24 keeps you informed on the latest trends, innovative tips, and interior design ideas, as well as current deals – online at any time, on the go with the Home24 free app, or only in Home24’s newsletter.

In Home24 showrooms and stores, you can see furniture up close

It’s sometimes necessary to try out a sofa before making a decision. You may try out new living favorites and get free guidance in Home24 showrooms. Are you looking for a great deal? You may get up to 70% off a selection of Home24 furniture, lamps, and decorations in their outlets and take them home with you.



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