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ZOXS online purchase

Here you can easily and quickly sell used Apple phones, consoles, tablets, books, games, and anything else for a fair price!

ZOXS; The test winner

You can easily and quickly sell used iPhones, iPods, consoles, tablets, books, games, and anything else from Apple on this site!

The buyZ credit account

Sell products on and receive a 10% bonus in buyZ for each item sold. – Use the buyZ you acquired on to save money.

Die Lifetime-Garantie von buyBACK!

The buyBACK guarantee allows you the opportunity to resale the device you purchased from on at any time, and ZOXS will pay you a 15% environmental bonus!

Smartphone / Handheld

Sell your old smartphone or cellphone. Determine the purchasing price of your cell phone online and sell it with only a few clicks. The purchase of a smartphone is finished in a matter of days.

Accessories & Consoles

Sell consoles – it’s simple, straightforward, and free. Attractive prices on the PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, and other consoles.

Games / Video Games

Sell your games for a high dollar. Several prizes have been given to us for ZOXS video game purchases. Take a peek and get buy it now offers if you want to sell old or PS4 games.

What is the best way for me to sell my old phone to ZOXS?

For example, if you sell your old phone or smartphone to us, ZOXS will pay you a fair amount! Don’t you agree? Countless clients and independent portals have already put us to the test, and the quantity of the payout, the vastness of the variety, and ZOXS’s excellent service have all been praised. ZOXS doesn’t charge any fees for their online phone purchases, and you’ll get the price that was decided based on accurate information about the condition. So, instead of chasing money, sell your old cell phone. ZOXS’s business model is always transparent, and every customer has complete visibility into all procedures.

Switch to an iPhone purchase right now and take advantage of the numerous payment options. ZOXS will then send you the funds via bank transfer, PayPal, or buyZ credit.

Why sell ​​PS4 games with ZOXS?

You’ve come to the correct place at ZOXS if you don’t want to do anything else with your old PS4 games and want to turn them into cash. They don’t just offer exceptional terms when it comes to selling PS4 titles.ZOXS will buy your Xbox One or Nintendo Switch games at the same price. In addition, if you come across additional items when clearing out, such as Lego Duplo or Playmobil toys, ZOXS will assist you. ZOXS is constantly growing ZOXS’s product line to provide you with new sales chances. So, whenever you’re looking to sell your secondhand games, keep ZOXS in mind!

Books with the EAN or ISBN

Your bookshelf is overflowing, and you need to make room for something new? You no longer need them and wish to get rid of the used books from your home. ZOXS will buy your books and make you a direct fixed-price offer, no issue. Simply insert the barcode number on the back of the package into the ZOXS search box to finish the transaction in a matter of seconds.

Selling easily with the ZOXS app

It’s just as simple to sell DVDs as it is to acquire ZOXS books. If you no longer want to watch your old DVDs or want to sell your entire collection, ZOXS is the place to go. Look at the back of the DVD and use the ZOXS APP to scan the barcode. Of course, you may just type the barcode digits into the ZOXS search on a computer. After that, you will receive a price quotation for selling your DVD or Blu-ray collection to ZOXS.

What should you consider when selling consoles?

When the console’s accessories (such as controllers) are original and complete, it always sells better. You will undoubtedly receive a greater sum in this manner. If you wish to sell your PS4 or Nintendo Wii, you have an edge with ZOXS: When purchasing consoles from ZOXS, there are no costs! That is to say, if you decide to sell your console, you will be paid the sum listed after inspecting its condition. Find out ahead of time at the ZOXS store and have your old console paid for.

Why is selling online at ZOXS so comfortable?

In brief, ZOXS wants customers to have absolutely no trouble selling used things online, such as laptops (such as the well-known Apple MacBooks). He shouldn’t waste time writing extensive product descriptions, photographing them, and then standing about waiting for the private buyer to pay him. Mobile phones, consoles, including accessories, VR glasses, games, navigation devices, books, music CDs, computers, tablets, and smartwatches are all available for purchase online. This sets us apart from the majority of ZOXS competitors and allows it to provide you with fantastic deals.

Trade-in cameras or sell fitness trackers.

Are you tired of putting your old digital camera up for sale on numerous classifieds sites or auction sites, only to find a buyer who then fails to pay? The purchase of a ZOXS camera could be the answer! ZOXS will make you a fixed-price purchase offer for all devices right now. You supply objective information on the state of the camera, and the purchase is finished in a matter of seconds. You will receive your money in your account immediately thanks to speedy processing time. As a result, make certain you obtain the latest purchase price right now.

ZOXS Apple Ankauf 

Have you recently purchased a new smartphone and are looking to sell your old iPod? ZOXS has no such issues! They make it easy to sell your iPod Touch, iPod Nano, or iPod Classic online and be paid quickly. They do, however, purchase tablets with keyboards, such as the popular Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. You’re looking for complete PC systems at a great price! Simply go to their pc purchasing page and compare ZOXS deals. You may sell your iMac for a good sum here. When it comes to purchasing Apple devices, ZOXS are the experts, just give it a shot!

Fast sales process

You may quickly and simply sell many of the items you no longer need on ZOXS. Simply type the EAN number into the item search box. With the ZOXS app, scanning the barcodes of books, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays is even easier: simply scan the barcodes, add them to the sales basket with a single click, and complete the order. You may get rid of a lot of things quickly and get a reasonable price for them thanks to their wide choice of acquisitions (ZOXS also buys vacuum robots).

Sell ​​electronics at the best price

You can sell several of your used electrical equipment online with just one sales process thanks to their vast selection. After you’ve picked the proper item condition, ZOXS electronics purchase will display you the precise price ZOXS will pay you for your used things. You can even get a 10% bonus if you use their buyZ credit account. Now choose the electronics you wish to sell, give them a neutral rating, and mail them to them. You will receive the amount that is indicated to you when the sale is completed once the check has been completed – the ZOXS fixed pricing guarantee.



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